A Doctor Had an Affair with His Patient’s Daughter, the Price for His Infidelity: Three Million Dollars N.T.

The price this man paid, for HIS infidelity, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A doctor, Shue, had an affair, with the daughter of one of his patients, he’d agreed to pay over $3.24 million N.T. in hush-money and the fees for abortion, but later on, he’d gone back on his words; the woman sued him, for him to fulfill his promises to her, the Highest Courts in Taiwan based off of their verbal agreements ruled that Shue must pay the woman the $2.57 million N.T., but he could still appeal to get the amount reduced.

The woman stated, that Shue was a famous doctor from a well-known general hospital in the city of Taipei, her mother was treated by him, and that, was how she’d met Shue; later on, Shue introduced her to work in China, after a few contacts, they’d gotten acquainted with one another.  In 2010, she’d gone on a trip to China to travel, and visited Shue, and she was raped by him, and got pregnant, suffered through the serious case of PTSD, later on, she’d gotten threatening text messages from Shue’s “spare” endlessly, she was under constant emotional duress, and because of how scared she was, she’d miscarried her child.

She said, that Shue had signed three settlement agreements on September 19th, October 3rd, and October 26th, agreed to pay her hush money, the fees for her rent for two years, twenty months of fees for her to live off of, but, he’d kept stalling, and had now paid a little over $670,000N.T. so far.

Toward the woman’s claims, the doctor, Shue stated, that he’d signed the agreement, in exchange for the woman, not going public about their affair, that this agreement was against the morality, so it was, invalid.  He’d also accused, that the reason he’d paid her the rents, because he wanted her out, but, later on, the woman didn’t live in China, she had NO right to ask for the rent amounts.  And, he’d agreed to pay the damages of miscarriage of two million dollars, and signed the contract, but, four years ago, he’d found, that she’d given birth to a child just the same, that she’d conned him, so, the woman has NO right to ask for the payments.

The highest courts believed, that the three agreements are to end the disagreements, that none had gone against the morality standards of the society; the doctor, Shue claimed to have been scammed, but four years ago, he’d texted the woman, “I hope you can become a fitting mother”, he knew that the woman is pregnant, but didn’t toss away the agreements he’d signed with her back then, the courts didn’t rule in his favor.

And so, this, is how a LOSER try to WEASEL out from paying for HIS affair, and in the end, he still couldn’t escape the punishments by the law, and this still just shows how NO good deeds go UNPUNISHED!

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