The Holiday of Giving, Holidays that Don’t Exist


From watching her, I’d recalled the days when I was down and out, and so, I’d picked up a few items of clothes from my own collections and give it to her.  Although it was used, it was, as if she’d just received the gifts as brand new.

A Radio, Lit Her Life Up

Ding-Dong!  Ding-Dong!  The bell for my front door started ringing, I’d opened up the door, saw a woman, grinning ear from ear, with a huge bag in each of her hands, I quickly recognized her, she was from my church.

And, just so, I was the only one at home, she’d excitedly, pulled me to sit down right away (because there were no couches or chairs), she’d taken the items from her bag out one by one, as if, putting the things on display: the stuff for the baths and showers, stationeries, clothing……..every time she’d taken an item out, she’d started explaining the use, and who it was from.  Seeing how the stuff lying all over my floor, was exactly what I’d needed, I was moved to beyond speech, in the very end, she’d pulled out a black box, in the shape and size of a cookie tin, I’d hollered, “Is that, a radio?”

When I was still in the elementary years, because my father died very early, my house was often poverty stricken, in order to keep the household, my mother would work outside the home often, and so, my two older sisters and I would wonder around the neighborhood, hungry.  One day, the church from near our house invited us to dine, and, as the members of the congregation learned of our situation, they’d often taken us out to dine, and, would give us their extra, no longer needed items of clothes, and things we’d needed, they’d taken care of us, like we were their families.

Our “house” was actually a spare room, after we’d put everything that belonged to the four of us in, there was only just one-third of the space that we can sleep in, without television, or any hi-tech products, the room was silent.

That day, as the members of the congregation left, I’d turned on the radio, the music broke the silence all around, and, my originally quite, black-and-white, silent-film like life, all of a sudden, gained some colors.  Because of the kindness of these good people, we could get schooled, and develop into and healthy people, so, as I grew up, I’d hoped, to become a person who can give back to the world too.

In my part-timing through high school time, I’d met a middle school aged girl, she was from a single-parent household, the entire household’s economy is reliant on her mother, working the odds and ends.  From her, I saw my older self, and, several times, I’d chosen a few articles of clothing that were fitting for her, and given them to her.  Although the items were all preowned, every time she’d received the items, it was, as if she’d received something that’s new, her smiles allowed me to realize, that giving, not only makes the receiving party glad, it can also make the givers’ minds more fulfilled.

The Boxes of Scarves, Warmed Up the Hearts

With the advances of the times, giving became hyperspeed too, there were websites that provided the “gift-giving platforms”, when you’d registered, you could put the items you no longer needed online, and, those who are interested or needed, can get it for free, and, of course, you could also choose from the things that other members of the online community no longer needed as well.  The establishing of this sort of web forum, had provided for the daily needs of those who are less fortunate, and, it’d utilized the items one would no longer need anymore.

Once, I’d entered into the scarves-raising activity of the website, worked as a volunteer, and, worked hard, to meet the goals of getting three hundred scarves donated.  After the event was over, we’d tallied the scarves donated, it was over a thousand, and, some had even attached a card, giving us, volunteers the commencements and the courage to keep going.  Seeing how those cardboard boxes were filled with scarves, our hearts, warmed up too.

I’d once heard a story, there was a poor couple, the wife had a head of beautiful hair, and the husband, with a golden watch, his family’s heirloom, although they are impoverished, but, before the Christmas holidays, they’d still bought one another presents.  The wife trimmed her long hair, and sold it, bought a chain for the watch to give to the husband; and the husband had sold his gold watch, to buy a comb for his wife, both had sacrificed what was most precious to themselves, just to buy something fitting for the other, although, neither had the use of the gifts they bought for one another, but, it was still, a beautiful mistake.

Whether it be a secondhand item giving, the gifts of a special occasion, gift exchanges, etc., etc., etc., so long as the thought of gift-giving comes from the heart, for both the receiver, and the giver of the presents, it’s all a cherished memory, I hope, that on this “day of giving”, it can bring the warmth to modern people’s hearts, to add more love that flowed in the world.

And so, this, is on making USE of the items you no longer needed, and, by giving those items you no longer needed to charity, you’re NOT only just getting rid of the materials you have no use for, you’re also providing someone ELSE with the opportunities of getting something new to them, even though, the items ARE secondhand.


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