A Child Who Kept Her Optimism, No Matter How Many Times She Fell Off Her Bicycle

Falling off, and getting back on again, no matter how many times it takes!  Translated…

My third grade daughter still couldn’t ride a two-wheeler, awhile ago, when there was a long holiday, we’d taken the liberty, signed her up, for the “Bicycle Superman Camp”, as she’d heard the name of the camp, she felt it was super cool, and couldn’t wait for the day to come so she could go.  On that very morning, our whole family drove to the Riverside Park, the participants are kids from first to sixth grade, and, it was everybody’s first time learning to ride a two-wheeler, starting from ground zero.

Before the practice began, everybody must put on the helmets, with the protective gear, my daughter felt more at ease.  Shed’ conquered her fears, bravely followed the words of her coach, to glide downhill, walked her bicycle back up the slope, then, glided down again, repeated the procedures several times, she’d learned to control the handlebars, as well as maintained her balance.  At times, I’d worried, that she might feel that it was annoying, having to repeat the same things over and over again, but, there wasn’t any facial expressions from her that showed that she was impatient at all, instead, she’d enjoyed this basic training.  The coach’s professionalism, plus the power from her peers, she’d told me happily, “It’s so fun, learning to ride a bicycle!”

In the afternoon, the real riding starts, the coach put the pedals on everybody’s bicycles, helped everybody onto the seats, at first, as they’d started pedaling, a million things went wrong, someone fell and injured oneself, started wailing on the ground; some chose to get back up, and try it again, and my daughter, she’d put up her smiles, with a straight face, practiced, with a sense of fear.

There was a smaller built third grade girl, she just couldn’t manage it at all, started in the morning, she’d kept her smiles radiant; even if she’d fallen, she still didn’t cry.  This strong child had gotten my immediate attention.

Close to the end of the cycling lessons, my daughter and other kids can already ride their bicycles around on their own, only she still couldn’t.  But, at the end of the activities, the little girl received an award.  Turns out, that the coach found, that as she’d learned to ride the bicycle, she’d kept that positive attitude, no matter the results, a child who can face defeat with such optimism, is worth commending.  I also hope, that my daughter, whether it be learning to ride her bicycle, or anything else in life, can take after that little child, face her defeats with an optimism, and, learn the lessons.

And so, this, is from watching the goings on of the world, and, this little girl who still couldn’t ride her bike at the end should be awarded, for her hardworking mannerism, because she NEVER gave up, just kept getting BACK on that bike as she fell off each and every time, and, that, is the attitude she will carry in life, and she’s already won, with that persistent, never-quitting attitude.


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