What My Mother Taught Me

From the mind of a daughter, translated…

“My mother said, that when you do the dishes, do the chopsticks first, then, the plates and the bowls should come easy!”, “My mother said, that when you take a bath, you should start with your feet first, after your feet are warm, then, you won’t feel cold anymore…”

When I was younger, I’d loved going to my next door neighbor, Ling’s house to hang, every time I’d gone there, Ling would tell me about what her mom had taught her that day.  Back then, I was only in the fifth grade, and, I’d started wondering: how come my mom never taught me that?

My mother is an introverted, quiet traditional woman.  Back when I was younger and asked her about things, she’d only answered me, “Good child, think on it harder!”  or, “Mmmmmmmmmm, that’s wonderful!”, she was NEVER like Ling’s mom who’s a teacher, with a lot of knowledge to teach to me; she’d always smiled and looked at me, then, heard me out quietly.

Back then, every time I’d them more.

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