The Happiness Fund for the Little Boy

The ins and outs from life, translated…

Had it not been for the reminder of the teacher, I could’ve NEVER known, that this little boy who’s standing before me, was from such an unfortunate background.

On my daughter’s fifth grade field trip, I was invited to go along, other than helping her homeroom instructor, maintain the order of the class, there was a little boy, with his head shaved and shiny eyes, who caught my gaze.

In the free time, the little boy approached me, asked me curiously who I was?  Where I lived?  He’d helped me taken care of the odds and ends, when ALL of his other classmates ran off to play in the game rooms, his helpful manner deeply touched me.

After the teacher told me in private, that, was when I’d learned, that the little boy was a transfer student from somewhere else.  He was from a broken home: his father was a drug addict, frequented in and out of jail a lot; his mother, in order to keep her five kids away from the husband, from getting beaten up by him, placed them into an orphanage.  And, the teacher heard, that his mother was diagnosed with something terminal too.

After hearing, I’d learned, that the orphanage this little boy is living in is close by the school, and I’d phoned the orphanage, asked the director of the orphanage, if there’s anything I can do to help out.  After I’d had a conversation with the director, I’d learned that there are a lot of people who are unseen, unnoticed, like this little boy.

The call I made, it was, right before the New Year’s Eve, I’d looked up at the sky, kept praying for the sake of the little boy.  I’d made a wish: in the future New Year’s to come, other than giving my family members their red envelopes, I’m also going to open up a compassion account, called, “the Little Boy’s Happiness Fund”: to give out red envelopes anonymously to the children in the orphanage, hope that they get out of their bad situations soon, to get the love from families who love them, to have complete happiness that surrounds them.

And so, this, is from the interaction with the world, the woman felt sad for the predicament of that little boy, which caused her empathy to kick into effect, which then, drives her to act, and she’s helping the kids in the orphanage now.


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