Easier to JUST Ask

It is, easier, to just ASK, isn’t it?  That way you won’t even have to go through the troubles of finding EXACTLY what you’re looking for, and, someone will be there, to provide it for you!  Easier to just ask, and that, is the mindset that people are generally taking to, after all, WHO doesn’t WANT to be BREAST-FED, right?

Easier to just ask, because Ask and Ye Shall Receive?  And, if I asked, I’m surely, to get what it is that I ask others for, because, I’d asked them for it, and, it is, their duties, obligations, to PROVIDE it for me.

Easier to just ask, that, had become the trend here, after all, who wouldn’t want to have ALL the answers one needed for one’s own life handed to the person, ON that silver platter?  Easier to just ask, but, do not think, that because you’d asked NICELY, that someone will ALWAYS be there, to PROVIDE for you.

Easier to just ASK, because sorting through this messed up world to find exactly what I’m searching for, is just, too GRUELING and TIME-CONSUMING, so yeah, I got lazy all right, plus, someone will hand feed the answers I need in my life TO me, because that, was how I was raised by my parents, and that, was what I took to believe, what the rest of the world IS like!


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