You Like it? Your Son Will Buy it For You

On parent-child interactions, translated…

My friend had on a super fitting rose-colored cotton t-shirt, her figure showed, and, it’d made our eyes lit up, but she’d told us, feeling embarrassed, that it was something her son bought for her when they’d gone to Hong Kong together, she’d kept it hidden inside her closet.  Her son didn’t know that his mother is full-figured, that the size was too small, but, because he’d thought about her, that, was why she’d still accepted it.  And, only in this sort of gatherings with us, girlfriends, would she DARED put it on.

“Yes!  You can NEVER complain of gifts from your child, otherwise, he wouldn’t buy it for you anymore!”, an older classmate spoke in a heartfelt way.  Her son knew she was very stingy with herself, and didn’t want to spend the money on dolling herself up, as he’d gone to Japan with his girlfriend, he’d bought his mother a pricy purse.  She’d just complained of how there’s NOT enough layers in the purse, that the color was way too light that it would get dirty easily, plus, there’s less and less formal occasion for her to use this purse………and her son frowned and started complaining, of how his kindness was complained on.  And, my old classmate became silenced!

Gift-giving IS a form of art, when a boy buys a woman something, naturally, he wouldn’t know what was fitting, plus, when the gift was for an elder.

My son in recently years, started feeling that his mother is no longer young, and just kept reminding me, to love myself more, to eat better, to wear better, to use better things, to not worry about the money; but as he knew his mother like he knew himself, fearing that I’d treated his words like winds through my ears, and, so, he’d bought me a ton of a ton of extravagant things, without telling me.   But glad for the online technologies, before he’d bought the items, he’d taken photos of the item, then, LINED it to me, “Is this shade of lipstick okay?”  “Do you like the style of this coat?”, and, he’d checked with me as he’d picked out the gifts from abroad, after I’d replied OK, then, he’d swiped his card.  Although the surprise factor was taken away, but, the gifts he’d bought for me, I really liked.

I’d recalled a line from an ad long ago, “Like it?  Daddy’ll get it for you”, it’d touched the hearts of countless viewers, and even though, the roles are switched today, when these words flowed from the lips of ones’ children, I’m sure, that as parents, we would all feel very blessed!  When children were younger, as a mother, even IF it’s a handmade birthday card from the child, we’d treated it as priceless treasures, then, as he’d grown up, although he couldn’t get my taste, but has the heart, and so, naturally, I’d taken it all!

And so, this merely shows, that as parents, when children handed you a gift from them, you shouldn’t COMPLAIN about how the style was unfitting, or how there would be NO occasions where the items would be put to good use, because if you complained like that, then, there would NOT be a second time when your children buy anything for you.


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