The Seven Beliefs that Will Help You Get Through Cancer

Information session here, translated…

Five years ago, I was diagnosed as the fourth stage in cancer of the alveoli, after five surgeries, twenty radiation treatments, and almost twenty rounds of chemotherapy too, and now, every single month, I’d still needed to head back to the hospital, for the continual treatment of chemotherapy.

The endless number of hospitalizations, radiology treatments, chemotherapies, although to date, the bones in my chest cavity still ached, but I’m still holding on to the beliefs, that I can successfully, get through the trials of my body, and I’d cherished each and every day even more.

Here, I wanted to share a few beliefs of years of battling cancer:

  • The Will to Survive: a minority population of the people who learned of their cancer status, would often fall into the troughs of their lives, and, just never regained that positive outlook on life back again, which affects one’s own treatments; so long as one is alive, there would always be hope, stand up on your own, so you wouldn’t become a burden to your own families.
  • Having an Appetite for Food: without food, you won’t have the energy; don’t be fooled into believing, that you can starve your cancer cells to death, and in the end, you wouldn’t have enough energies to weather through your chemotherapies, or surgeries; have multiple, smaller meals, eat foods that are not too salty or not too sweet, and, avoid eating uncooked foods.
  • The Need to Workout from Time to Time: having exercises in your regular routines can help your absorption of nutrition, as well as digestion too, so your body can get more of the nutrients it would need.
  • Follow the Doctors’ Orders: there are a TON of untrue treatments from online, but, if you want to follow one, you must consult your doctor first, there’s only limited use of those high-value nutritional products, there’s NO need to be superstitious about it.
  • Find the Causes of Your Cancer: think hard about your schedules and the routines you keep, and work hard, to avoid the possible causes of cancer.
  • Share Your Stories Bravely with Others: most of those who are diagnosed with cancer would NOT want others to know, and so, they’d lost a TON of useful, and precious resources and information, you should join a support group for cancer patients, it will end up, helping yourselves, as well as others too.
  • Find What You Enjoyed Doing Once More: keep up with your hobbies, and you’ll forget the pains that your cancers are putting you through.

So, this shows how a positive outlook is too important, to getting better, and, you must have the strong will to survive, and, you shouldn’t stop eating, because you believe, that everything you ate would go straight, to feeding the cancer cells, and, follow your doctors’ orders, and, share your experiences with others from a support group, or members of your families, so, it won’t become a heavy burden on your hearts, and, if you can keep you mind, AND body healthier, than, chances will be, that cancer CAN be beat!


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