Don’t Be Afraid of Making New Friends as One Ages

On making friends, connecting with each other, translated…

Sometimes, I’d wondered, if as we grow older, it’d become, more difficult, to treat others with that honesty and heart?  As I’d gone out, and, there were members of the younger generations conducting surveys, I’d waved my hands toward them no, fearing, that my personal information might be leaked out; when I got a phone call from someone I don’t know, I’d said, “You got the wrong number!”, and, when someone asked me how to get to a certain road, even IF that road is right up front, I’d started questioning, if the person who was asking for directions has an alternative motive.  My children also warned me, to be careful for those who are strangers, and who seemed false………as I grew older, my defenses are slowly, building up, it’d become this impenetrable wall now, and, my feet didn’t dare, step outside of this wall, and, on meeting someone new, I’d become expectant, and fearing getting hurt at the same time.

I’d once taken a stroll, saw a ton of elderly grandparents taking their grandchildren out for walk, and, very shortly after the children walked a bit, their chubby little legs refused to move forward again.  But, if there were kids their age, then, they’d run towards them, and started carrying on in conversation, using their limited vocabulary, then, they’d hold hands, and keep moving onward.  And, if there’s a fork in the road, and they must separate from one another, some would even throw a temper tantrum, and, disregarded how they were basically strangers, just ten minutes ago.  Children, children, although they’re quite young, they’d poured their hearts AND souls into socializing with one another.

The friendships and connection of the migrant workers are just as honest and down-to-earth too, they so far from home, worked hard away, and, when they’d bumped into each other on the streets, they’d stop and chat—don’t say you didn’t notice, how the caretakers of elderly at the parks, would gather together, to chit chat.

And, the hired help of my household, loved trash time.  Once, she’d hauled the trash out, and, when she’d come home, she’d had an extra jar of hot sauce plus an apple.  Just so happens, that that, was during the time when food safety was a huge issue, I’d asked her, if she knew what sort of oils were used in making the hot sauce?  She’d frowned, not knowing what I’m inquiring.  I’d asked her, jokingly, “You DARE eat an apple from a stranger?  Aren’t you afraid that it might be poisoned?”, she’d smiled and replied, “Boss’s wife, I’m not Snow White.”, meaning that I’d worried too much.  The newly made friends gave one another their homemade items with the tastes from home, and, in those items, the love from the hearts was found.

As my term in the community college was about to come to an end, my three classmates and I with whom I’d gotten along quite well with went out to dine, and, there’s that nostalgia of “not talking more sooner”.  At first, we were simply acquaintances, we didn’t dare share too much with each other, fearing that one another might find something about us that we didn’t want them to know, but after a few small gatherings, we’d gotten to know one another better, and now, we were inseparable.  But, it’s time, that we all part ways now, and, we’d feel unwilling to let each other go.

In order to keep this affinity intact, we’d decided, to meet up regularly afterwards, so we can continue this belated friendship.  As we’d gotten older, we will have less and less friends, not only should we NOT fear making new friends, we must cherish every single time we meet.

This, is from the interactions of the world, and, it is, not safe, for people to just connect with someone whom one just meet, but hey, we all started as strangers to one another, didn’t we?  And, if we don’t get past that stranger phase of our interactions, we will NEVER advance the relationship into friends.


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2 responses to “Don’t Be Afraid of Making New Friends as One Ages

  1. lifeamongtheflowers

    This is true.

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