With the Right Usage, the Words Come Out Right, and Everybody Can be a Motivational Speaker

The magical properties of those words, translated…

Words have souls, every single world, or phrase, can ignite a long line of associations in one’s emotions.  For this, those who can use the words well, if you can transfer the use of words, into the verbal communications with someone, then, you can clarify the point of your speeches to others.

Just like how from before I’d stated how “so” and “but” would give hints about what’s to come next, and how different people expect the words that followed these two to be: one leads toward the results, the other, brings about denying, and turning someone down, researches from linguistics showed, that a LOT of the couples started arguing from the word “but”.

Everybody would want to be in a situation where you don’t blurt the wrong things out, you can try to write down what you wanted to say first, tone it up, then, you can become an expert word user too, and say things that are wise, from other’s points of view.

So, this is all about communicating, isn’t it?  The purpose of communicating is to just get your points ACROSS, and, there are instances when emotions must be taken into considerations, and, because there’s NO book telling us how to behave, in which situations we come across, we can only go with our previous experiences…


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