The Baby Stayed Awake the Entire Night, on Parent-Child Interactions

These first years, are always the HARDEST to get through, aren’t they???  Translated…

At three in the morning, I was awakened, by the sound of the baby crying, the living room lights were turned on, my daughter held her one month old son, hung her head in defeat, with this listlessness in her eye, “I don’t know what’s wrong with him?  He just wouldn’t sleep the entire night.”

My daughter who’s completely drained said in a hoarse voice, my heart wrenched for her, I’d held my arms out, wanted to share her load, she’d taken her arms back toward herself, said bashfully, “I can’t!  Mom, you still have to work tomorrow, he’s about to fall asleep soon.”  Then, at eight in the morning, as I was heading out, the two of them still hadn’t slept a wink.

My daughter came home for the month-long recovery after birth, I’m naturally pleased, during the day time, I’d hired someone, to make the specialty food items for her, and, during the evenings, my daughter would take over the looking after of her son, when I have the spare time, I’d helped her warm up the bottles, feed my grandson, change his diapers.  Seeing the bottles, the plates, the bowls are piling up in the kitchen sinks, I’d wanted to help my daughter alleviate her stress from having to handle so much.  But, having a bad back, and I hadn’t held a child for thirty years, my body started to feel sore all over, and, the mother’s wrist had, turned into, grandmother’s wrist now, and I couldn’t tell my daughter what was going on, as she’s already stressed out about how her breasts are bloated every single day, and her son crying all the time.

I’d often believed, that having extra pairs of hands means getting the extra help, I’d often asked my son who’s in graduate school, to help his older sister out rom time to time; but, to my son, unfortunately, video games are taking over his life, no matter how I ushered him to, he still wouldn’t move at all.  Even if his young nephew’s cries are about to bring down the roof, as an uncle, he’d turned DEAF, gotten locked into the virtual, fighting world.  In the end, as the grandmother, I couldn’t hold my horses anymore, I’d held up my grandson, to soothe him, and I’d disregarded the advices of those parenting experts altogether.

Every day, I’d hoped that time could fly, because as my grandson sleeps, he’d become an angel, but, when he woke, he’d become this crying devil.  I hope, that my grandson can grow up safely, so, his first-time mom, and his first-time grandma can successfully get through this first year that marched so slowly.

The first years are always NOT easy, because the baby would cry endlessly, and, because you’re new at this parenting thing, you’re more than likely to develop problems such as postpartum depression and other problems, and this time, the mother feels helpless, because there’s NOTHING that she can do, to help her daughter, alleviate the stress from taking care of her own child.


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