He Was Sent to Prison and Worried that His Elderly Mother Might Go Hungry, the Police Helped Delivered the Meals to Her for the Fifteen Days He Served in Jail

Kindness, from the outside world here, translated…

A forty-five year old man changed with theft, who had an active arrest warrant on him, awhile ago, was arrested by the patrol officer of a subprecinct in Shijr, he was mildly deaf, and before he was booked, he’d mumbled, “mom”, as the officers looked into the matter, they’d found, that he took care of his ninety-year-old elderly mother on his own in the mountains where he lived, made ALL three meals for her, although the police didn’t release him based off of his circumstances, but they’d promised to make the meal deliveries to his mother when he is serving time.

Awhile ago, Chen was given a jail sentence of thirty-five days for stealing items out of a super convenience mart, because he’d escaped, and there were fifteen days from his serving time left, the courts put out an arrest warrant on him, the police followed the leads, made an arrest, after they’d interrogated him, Chen went with them without much fight, but, he’d continually mumbled, “mom, mom”, the officers who arrested him instinctively felt that something’s up with his home front.

The patrolmen, Huang and Chang took out Chen’s household registry books, learned that his ninety year-old mother was immobilized, that Chen was worried his mother might starve if he didn’t go home, he’d become emotionally unstable, and wanted to go home to care for his mother.

Chang said, that Chen had picked up recycling materials for a living, he didn’t have a stable source of income, and the neighbors from where he worked would often give him an extra serving of lunch, Chen’s father died when he was younger, and his sister had left home, it’s just him and his mother, living together.

The patrol officers from the subprecinct worried, that Chen’s mother would have nobody to rely on, and had worked with the other patrol officers, promised Chen, that they will be delivering the meals to his mother for the fifteen days he’d served in prison, wanted him to change his ways as he spends sometime in jail, Chen started crying right then and there.

“It’s so nice to have you guys.”  After Chen’s mother learned that her son had been taken to prison, she was upset, and she was extremely grateful toward the patrol officers’ kindness toward her, and the patrol officers not only took turns, delivering the meals to her, and would ask her how she was, to see if she’s dressed warmly too.

And so, this, would be kindness that flowed, the officers didn’t have to take care of the man’s mother while he served in prison, but they had, and, that just shows, that law enforcement officers are extremely kind too.


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