An Injured Female Motorist Helped Lifted the Car, to Save Someone’s Life from a Car Accident

Altruism still exists, apparently, this woman, although injured, still helped someone who was involved in a car crash alongside her, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-seven year-old woman, Yang yesterday evening rode her motorcycle to the hospital to pick up her mother’s medications, but, she’d gotten involved into a chain car accident as she was riding toward the hospital, where there are three deaths, five injured, although she’d gotten hurt herself, and was shocked, but still, she’d gone out of her way, to save someone else, and when she’d heard that the female motorist, Chang whom she managed to pull out from the crash site still died, Yang cried, “I’m really unwilling to let go, but I’d done all that I possibly could!”

“It was truly scary!  There were still members of the public who were trapped underneath the overturned eighteen-wheeler.”, Yang was still in shock, when the car crash happened, she was waiting for the light, and heard three loud bangs from behind her, then, she was pushed downward, and her mind went blank, thinking back, “Gladly, I wasn’t speeding, otherwise, I too, may have died as well.”

As Yang recalled the crash, she was still shaken up.  She said, that right at the moment, she’d become dumbfounded, and, as she’d come to, she saw a female motorist, STUCK beneath the overturned small truck, she’d helped the five men who were there, to help lift up the truck, then, pulled the female motorist out, “Back then, I couldn’t think at all, just knew I had to pull her out.”  But, after two hours of emergency resuscitation, the motorist, Chang was still dead, Yang was having trouble, holding back her pain said, “I really don’t want her to die, but, I’d done all I could for her!”

So, this woman put her own safety on hold, and went to save someone else’s life, and that, is altruism, she’d done everything she possibly could at the moment, but, the female motorist still died, and this woman had done all she possibly could.

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