Teach the Children…to Love Life, Then, They Will Have the Abilities to Love Others

From someone’s hearts, after the observations of how a medical student murdered another for competing for the attention of a girl he liked, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The murders of love at Kaohsiung Medical University, because a person couldn’t get over the love, causing two medical students with bright futures to die.  How do we examine the events, treating it as love becoming murder would be too simplistic.

The students of medical schools would have that love for life originally, and, saving others is the basis of the profession’s moralities, and still, how, was the murderer able to, take the life of his dearly beloved friend in the instant.  Murdering for love, wanted another’s love, just to be saved for oneself, but had used the most extremes of measures, to take a hold of this love, all it takes, is to calm oneself, and would realize, that murdering the competitor is not the way to go, but still did it!  Why is that?

This is not an isolated incident at all, in this day and age, murders are a part of every day, and, those who were murdered, because of love, are mostly the competitors, the ones who one loved, oneself, or, anything that prevented oneself from the love.  The simplest reason for love to turn into murder is no reciprocations, toward a love that one can have, the person feels taken, and would rather destroy the love in the process.  The resentments, the hatred, the loss, the helplessness, all combined, into one, and can’t turn the thoughts around, with nobody to talk to, to console, and so, they’d ended it all, with the most valid ways.  Some would even use the actions of murder-suicide to justify that that, was how much they’d loved someone else, that they’re willing, to lose their own lives, for the sakes of love.

Love originally helps make life more complete, and, using love, to fulfill one’s own life, the more you loved, the more completed your lives are.  Love, is toward life, toward oneself, toward the other person, toward the lives of others, and only this kind of love can merge life with love.

But, the lovers would mistake the relationship between life and love, treated love as if it were, their lives, that life existed, because of love, and vice versa, and at the same time, they would treat love as the only source of ones’ own lives, when love is gone, life will become, dried up, and, the thoughts of murder will too, sprout out, because of this messed up value system, losing love IS losing life, I don’t have life anymore, so, why the HELL would I care about other people’s lives?

The murders that occurred because an extra person got involved, or from the loss of love usually occurred, because the person viewed love as the only important matter of one’s own life, life is priceless, love, even more so!  I will NOT allow someone else, to take that from me, how can love change as it pleases?  Asking those involved to let go of the love, is asking them to lose their lives, and so, naturally, the persons would use the most drastic of all measures, to defend the love, as well as life too.

The magic of love lies in that it’s easily believable, that love is the only thing in life, without the rooms for mistakes, and, if there are mistakes, then, it would be, a matter of, life, OR death.  Even in the 21st Century online world, this myth of love being life still didn’t get changed, instead, the views became even MORE narrow instead.

The unfortunate events keep on happening, over, and over again, emotional management, life education, love education, all of these, would come into the public’s attention, after something had happened.  From before, the Department of Education encouraged the universities have classes on love, and gave out $70,000N.T. per class held to the schools, there are a TON of forms to fill out, a TON of fees to write up on, who would want to apply for it?

If love is a mandatory course of life, then, breaking up is the mandatory course for students, why not start teaching the kids in elementary schools about it?  So they would understand, that love is only a process that occurs in life, that those who loved life can have the ability to love others.  And what needed to be emphasized, is how to deal with the losses of love, there may be things missing from a life without love, but, that, is the nature of love, also, a process of life.

The tragic events caused two lives to become lost, and made two families in pain, this will keep on happening, it’s that the roles are not exactly the same, the families’ way of facing the losses, can it be resolved at all?  So long as we have the ability to love life, to love others, maybe, it would, reduce the incidences of murders that happen because of love.

And so, this, just shows how little kids understand about love, and, there had been, SO many incidences of this sort, and, it will, keep on happening, because that, would be, the matters of love, and, when love wasn’t dealt with properly, then, it may get turned, into MURDER!

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