She’d Murdered Her Cohabiting Partner, Then Accompanied Him for Twelve Hours

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The forty-five year-old woman, Feng two days ago, in the early morning hours, took a knife, stabbed her cohabiting boyfriend, Liu (age 60) to death, she’d cleaned up the crime scenes, cleaned herself off, accompanied his body for twelve hours, then, turned herself in, she’d told the police, that it was because the man kept getting money from her, and would abuse her, that, was why she’d killed him; the nephew of the deceased claimed, that his uncle was mild-mannered, couldn’t abuse anybody.  The police charged Feng with murder, took her into custody, and the case will be reviewed by the D.A.

The police investigated, that both Feng and Liu were unemployed; two nights ago, at around ten, she’d claimed that at around two the previous day, she’d murdered her boyfriend.  The police rushed to their place, and found Liu to be covered in blood, lying, DEAD, in the living room, there were three knife wounds on his left chest, with a stab on his back, lacerations on his head, his face and limbs had multiple bruises.  The police found, that they were arguing in the living room, where Feng had killed the man, but, the blood on the living room floor had been wiped, and Feng took a shower too, other than the body, and the porcelain knife used to kill the man, everything else was cleaned.

Feng claimed, that recently, Liu kept getting money from her, and, on the night she’d murdered him, he’d hit her, and became verbally abusive too, she’d gotten so angry, that, was why she’d stabbed him, she’d originally wanted to drink the agricultural poisons to kill herself too, but after she’d come clean to her younger brother, and, he’d managed, to persuade her to turn herself in.  Liu’s nephew told, that his uncle wasn’t doing well economically, the loan sharks came after him for the fifty thousand dollars he’d owed them, and, last month on the 27th, his uncle came to him to ask for help, he was wounded.

Feng’s neighbors told, that last year, there was a man of about age sixty who moved in with Feng, and one day, after she’d stabbed him with a knife, injured his arms, he’d moved away quickly; Feng’s younger brother said, that his sister was emotionally unstable, and at the start of this year, she’d moved out of the house, and moved in with Liu.

So, with a history of mental illness, you could NOT know what sets her off, and, the person who can tell the truth of what had happened is already murdered here.


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