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Life or Death, Riding on the Decisions of Twelve Angry Men…

Boy, oh boy, oh B-O-Y, I really DO hate, to be the one, in the HOT SEAT here!!!

Life or death, riding on the decisions of twelve angry men, and that, is how the American justice systems work, after all, you WILL get tried, by your PEERS, as stated by the law there.

And, your life, is left, in their hands, and, once the jury goes into deliberation, well, there’s NO way of presenting the NEW evidence, getting NEW witnesses to testify on your behalf again.

Life or death, riding on the decisions of twelve angry men, and, if you’d heard or read about the story, you’d know, how angry those jurors got, debating the details of that trial, and, that just shows, how the more people are in a room, the less-than-likely they’ll be able to agree on something, because everybody HAS her/his preconceived notion, heck, sometimes, the judgments of whether or NOT the person on trial is guilty or innocent had already been made up, and, we ALL know, how hard it would be, to ALTER someone’s views, once the person’s views is set.

Life or death, riding on the decisions of twelve angry men, how can they possibly come to a common consensus, that’s made from the examining over the facts, presented evidences, IF they let their emotions get in the way???  You are, totally SCREWED there that’s the only SURE thing that comes out of that!

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Conversations Online…

The MINIMALIST approach to interactions…

Sup!  Not much…and that, is ‘bout it, and that, is what conversations online reduced human interactions to, and, because of this MAGIC invention of the WWW, this had, turned into the TREND of things, of how we relate to one another.

Conversations online, I got so much to say to you when we’re “chatting” via some IM program online, but, when we met up, we’d both fell silent, WHY, is that?  I mean, has something changed, when we met up in person?  Do those conversations online work better, because we have NO idea what one another look like, which means, that we CAN’T make judgments based on how one another appeared?  And, what’s changed, now that we’d met up face-to-face, am I not what you expected?  Are you not, what I thought?

That, would be the problem with conversations online, because, when you talk online, you can mask yourselves up as whatever or WHOEVER, but, when the two of you go out, meet up, face-to-face, that façade is, lift off, and, surely enough, you will get disappointed over one another, because you held that expectation of who one another is, when you hadn’t met up yet, which is why, a LOT of the interactions worked so well when the two of you were just “conversing” online, and, don’t work at all, when the two of you sit down, FACE-to-FACE!

Conversations online, with the use of emoticons, abbreviated words like lol, so, instead of seeing someone actually, LAUGHING at that NOT-EVEN-FUNNY joke you’d just told, you’d get that EGO boost, which was much needed, and that, is how you two maintain connection, rapport online, until when the two of you really actually meet up together, FACE-to-FACE, then, everything goes WHAM, CRASHED!

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When the Only Interaction with the World You Shared is Limited to Online

This, is really, really BAD!!!  But, because of all those current developments of modern day technologies, there’s NO way of avoiding this, I’m afraid…

When the only interactions with the world you shared is limited to online, you are missing out, on a HELL of a lot, you don’t get to see that look of excitement, when you tell someone the good news about whatever, you can only imagine the way they looked.

When the only interactions with the world you shared is limited to online, then, you are, a modern day CAVEMAN, and, with little to NO physical interactions with the outside world, you’ll become, very strange, and, end up like that WEIRD lady with ten THOUSAND cats in that cul-de-sac of that neighborhood, you know, the house where as the kids walked by there, they’d all become, tippy-toed, and hushed?

When the only interactions you shared with the world is online, then, you’d lost the physical connections with people, and, you may have a ZILLION friends on Facebook, or some other online social networking sites, but, HOW many of those “friends”, can you count on, when you’re in trouble?  That’s still, uh, let me C-O-U-N-T………(this, is me, counting???): N-O-N-E!

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Slow-to-Learn, But Hard-Working, Finally, Reaching One’s Goals, Observations from the Workforce

Hard work will PAY off, so long as you don’t give up on it, translated…

My good friend, A’s daughter, May, several years ago, after she’d graduated from high school, when she’d taken the national entrance exams for college, she didn’t get in.  When she felt beaten down, her aunt told her, “Now, there is a recently started college of management that’s hosting a second call for registration.”  And so, May signed up for it right away, and, prepared herself for the examinations, and she got in.

My good friend A reminded her college-bound daughter, May, “the most important thing for a woman is having a stable job, to NOT be reliant on someone else, to make your own ends meet, I hope, you’ll use this time in university to enrich yourself, I encourage that you go for the public positions examinations later.”

At first, May didn’t take her dad’s words to heart, during her first two years of university, she’d partied too hard with her friends and classmates.  She’s tiny in frame, gotten involved in several relationships, but, the guys she’d dated either that they cheated on her, or decided, to start dating someone else who looked prettier.

May was sad, and, she was, all of a sudden, reminded of her dad’s words, “Woman need to become self-reliant”, and so, in her spare time from her courses, she’d started preparing for the public positions examinations.  She’d chosen the basic level exams that didn’t look at degree, but was with the lowest rate of passing.

The first time she took the exams in her senior year in university, she’d failed, but she’d still used her drive, kept studying hard.  And, her hard work eventually paid off, the year after she’d graduated from university, she’d gotten in, as the last spot of the “backup lists”, and, she didn’t mind, that she was sent to a distant country region to work, that all who’d passed the examinations tried to avoid, she’d set out, to take the job.

Awhile ago, May got her wish, transferred back to her hometown to work, and, there was a boy, who works in a public facility too, who’d started, pursuing her as well.

Recently, A took his daughter’s wedding invitation, to give it to me, and that, was when I’d heard May’s story from top to bottom.  I’d congratulated his daughter one winning double on her work, as well as in her marriage.  A said, in a heartfelt manner, “So, the slow birds must fly out first, so, they can reach their goals as well!”

Although this woman didn’t have the homing advantage, but, she’d made up for it with her hard work, and, never gave up, and that, was how she was able to success, in achieving her goals, that just shows, that persistence will eventually pay off, so long as you’re persisting toward the right things in life.







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The Wall of Victory


Every time I’d gone to my old friend, Hong’s place, I’d always visited the “walls of victory” in his study, and, it’d given me a ton of awakening.

Hong was my classmate from college, he is very skilled at calligraphy, as well as painting, from his elementary years up to now, he’d entered into numerous art and calligraphy competitions, and won a ton of awards too.  The countless awards, certificates, hung all over the four walls of his study, which I called, the “walls of victory”.

And, he’d told me, “I did not get too egotistical about it, instead, I’d used this wall, to keep myself alert: to always remember the hard working origin I’d started on, to recall the blood, sweat AND tears that went in, to achieve all of these awards, so I can keep on improving myself for the better.”

His words made me blush, because I also had several “walls of victory” inside my house, in my study, as well as in my living room too, and, they’d only had the certificates, the awards I won from writing and on the job.  I’d often looked at these walls, felt a ton of achievements and pride, and, I’d gotten intoxicated in the past moments of my glory, no wonder that recently, when I entered into writing competitions, I never won anything, turns out, it was, because I didn’t do what Hong had done, “stood on the point of my origins”, to “not forget why I’d started in the first place”, to remember, that back then, I just wrote, for pure enjoyment, not for the purpose of winning any awards at all.

Thinking here, my mind drifted to Hong, who’s already a high school principal now, with his own salaries, not counting the bonuses he’d received, he could’ve switched that thirty-year-old desk out already, but he’d insisted on keep using it, it’d made me wonder.  He’d told me, that that, was because he’d insisted on “standing on the point where he’d started from”, to keep himself on guard: back then, he’d used the desk to write calligraphy, to draw, that, was how he was able to have the small achievements that he has today!

This had, once again, made me ashamed, because I’d used the money I’d earned, spent $25,000N.T. to buy a brand new desk and chair, to replace the one that I’d only used for eight years, it seems, that I should model after Hong’s “spirit of point of origin” then!

And, this man did NOT allow all his award-winning work get to his head, instead, he’d kept to the center of who he was back then, kept everything he’d used from before, as a reminder, to his humble beginnings, to keep reminding him, that everything he’d achieved, he did it, from hard work, that it shouldn’t be taken lightly, or easily.

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Learn to Read, Then You’ll Be Able to Commuicate Effectively

How to effective communicate, an IMPORTANT lesson indeed, translated…

A lot of people wished and hoped that they could have excellent communication skills, and, there had been an influx of books on the topics, naturally, some felt, that having good communication skills can be trained, so they’re willing to pay the big bucks for it.  And, all of these views, are only, half-way there, the most primitive form of communication starts with the families.

The parents are our earliest models of human interactions, through observing our parents’ ways, we’d started modeling after the way they’d communicated with one another, the influence of the parents is especially important, in helping the child to establish interpersonal relationships and communications as well.

But, some would say, that my parents aren’t really talkative, they’d not even proven that I’m too talkative to the others in the world, because they told me, that the world is dangerous, feared that I might get tricked, then, does that mean, that I will NEVER be able to communicate well with others?

If there’s a need, there must be a “cure”, otherwise, where do you think all those books on communicating well come from?  With an inherent disadvantage, you can still make up for it.  Good communication can be established with reading habits, not just reading in silence, but to read aloud, and to write it all out too.

You all must be very curious as to why that is.

Here, reading means the generals of knowing how to observe, to model after the right kinds of ways you’d communicate, and to adjust your ways of conversing with others through the observations of micro facial expressions.  But, observation can only be achieved through staring at someone else nonstop, being mistook for a psycho; reading, however, is much simpler, through the words on the pages, you’d be able to visual what is going on, all of these, are learning that occurs later on in life, something that is not inborn.

For instance, in middle school, the students would fight to read those novels of sword fights, and, in the off-periods, everybody would talk about it, and made gestures, as if we were the characters in the stories, about to duel it out, and this, is the prove of practicing communications.

And, another mentioned way, writing, is also an alternative way to communicate, and it would help the brain to connect and structure the words, when the dialogues are presented in written form, you will find, that you’re ability to express yourselves have increased.

With the combinations of reading more, after accumulating enough vocabularies, then, you’re conversations become more and more enriched too.

On mentioning of writing, everybody must be wondering, what would words have anything to do with communication?

Let me give you an example, in on conversations, we’d often used the word, “so”, “but”, and, from a written perspective, “so” represented the results, however, “but” is meant to disregard it.

The occurrences of “but” is way higher than “so” in verbal communications, and, it would make people confused, initiate a misunderstanding, even, a fight.  This, is the igniting keyword for a lot of the family disputes as well.  And so, “but”, should be listed as one of the “carefully used” words for verbal communication, because it rarely occurs in a pleasant conversation.

Of course, other than “but”, there are, a lot of other words, arranged differently, can create different meanings, and, all of these are, the wonders, of using words.

Reading is the basis of establishing means of communication, and, practicing talking and listening, is the start, of building up of great interpersonal relationships.  The next time we’ll discuss how to use words, to create influence in life, so, more people will notice you.

And so, there you have it, the KEYS to communicating well, and, you DO have to read first, before you can effectively communicate, and here, reading does not mean flipping through those pages of books, it also includes observing other people’s nonverbal cues toward what you have to say, after all, don’t over seventy-percent of communication happen NONVERBALLY? (Correct me if I’m wrong!!!), so, it IS important, to keep an eye on other people’s expressions when you’re talking to them too.

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Hearts Have Turned into Stone

Hearts have turned into stones, did they all, gaze upon, the head of Medusa?  Hearts that have turned into stones, what happened, to them, why were they all, petrified, frozen, in FEAR, did they all, go through something, unimaginable, to the human mind?

Hearts have turned into stone, and, there’s, NOTHING we can do about it, there’s NO way, of melting them again, because they’re all, solid now, and, putting them all through the sauna of ice and fire, still wouldn’t do ANY good at all!

Hearts have turned into stones, so, what do we do now?  Is there no way, we can, bring them all back again, NOT even by that first true love’s kiss?  Hearts have turned into stone, because of everything that they’d weathered, and, turning into stone became the ONLY methods that those hearts knew of, to protecting themselves, from getting hurt all over again, and so, turning to stone, they all will.

Hearts have turned into stone, there’s NOTHING we can do, but to, place them all, inside those ironclad boxes, then, bury them deep, into the grounds, without hoping, OR expecting, that one day, they will all, WAKE back up, or come to life once more…

Hearts have turned into stone, perhaps, it’s, all for the best, because at least, a heart that’s made of stone won’t bleed again, right???

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When Words aren’t “Accompanied” by Pictures

This, is when all of you, start, FREAKING out, as you’d grown, RELIANT on those pictures…

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, what, are we supposed to do?  Words are, so much more difficult, to “digest”, you must, take them apart, understand the meanings of each and every word, and, that, just takes WAY too much energy, from your BRAINS, so, you’d rather, CHUCK whatever it is that you’d thumbed across.

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, drawings, or photographs, how, will you PROCESS the information provided, especially, when you’d lost, the ABILITY to R-E-A-D?  And here I thought, LITERACY is unimportant!!!

When words aren’t “accompanied” by pictures, you felt that LACK of visual stimuli, because you’d grown up, in this visual world, wherever everything is inputted and outputted, through simple pictures, and, as “discussed” previously, it takes, a LOT longer, to decipher those words, than to interpret the photographs, pictures, or whatever OTHER things that are used, as “visual aids”.

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The Consequences of Your Goodbye

You DO realize, that goodbye have consequences, right???  Well, I’m living with, the consequences of your goodbye right now!

The consequences of your goodbye, it’d left me, heartbroken, I didn’t expect you to turn into one of my lost loves, but you had, and, when the Magic Wand was waved, and the spells said, everything shattered for me.

The consequences of your goodbye, too hard, to handle, I can’t cope, I feel the need, to find a hole somewhere, so I can crawl into it, and D-I-E, you’d left me, broken, and I don’t even know how, to start, picking up all those pieces, without getting cuts and gnashes on my hands.

The consequences of your goodbye, I’d weathered through it all, thought I would die, but, I was actually, STRONGER than I’d ever expected, cried too hard is the thing, gotten over you, bit by bit, little, by little, a day, at a time.

And now, after I’d weathered through, your goodbye (and there was still NOTHING good ‘bout it!), I know, that I’m stronger than before, and I’m glad, that you’d broken my heart!  And no, I’m still NOT P-S-Y-C-H-O here, ‘k???

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The World Looks, Different…

The world looks, different, when I look at it, from this side of Goldie’s (the goldfish???) tank, everything seemed to be, submerged, under water, with that blurry effect.

The world looks, different, when I’m standing, on my hands, with my feet up in the air, it looks, funny, and smiles became frowns, and frowns turned, into smiles.  The world looks, different, and, it no longer feels the same today, as it did, yesterday, I wonder why!  Has it, changed that much?  No, the grasses are still green outside my window, the moon, the sun, and the stars, still high in the skies, during the day and into the nights.

The world looks, different, but, nothing has changed, I’m just, older than yesterday, or, a second ago that’s all.  The world looks different, and I can’t make everything stay the same, and, the thought of losing things just hurt, very awfully bad!

The world looks, different, so, what’s changed, is it, me?  Is it, you?  Is it, how we got along together?  Remember that fight we had?  Are you still mad at me?  The world is changed, again and again, and, this feeling of not being able to, hold on tight, to the things that matter, well, it just hurt, very bad.  The world not only just, looks different, it IS, different, isn’t it?  What’s changed, that trash can is still right where it was yesterday, that dog still barked like crazy when I passed by, people’s yards still look so very green, so, WHAT, had changed, that makes the world, feel so different today, compared to yesterday???

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