Can the Hearts of the Elderly Really be Soothed by Robots?

Yeah, uh, you’ve GOT to be SHITTING me here, right???  From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The accompaniments of robots with elderly persons who lived alone, or in nursing homes, or to assist the elderly in their daily living, it’s becoming a trend in Europe now.  As the age of elderly comes, in the future, the robots will not only replace manual labor, they will be able to provide for the consoles of the mind and spirits as well, but, this worried the scholars, that the real emotions between humans are slowly, replaced by machines.

In the nursing homes in Holland and Belgium, they’d already had robots who can hold conversations, to accompany elderly who are lonely, to talk, and they can also massage the elderly too; in Denmark, where the elderly population is not used to living with their young, a talking robot became the best company of elderly, like a pet.

There are about five million elderly who lived alone in France currently, and, about thirty-percent had cut themselves off from the rest of the society totally, and, there are similar trends in western, northern European nations too; and so, the robots with the ability to interact became the elderly who lived alone’s “people” to talk to.

A nursing home in France had recently set up a robot to accompany and take care of the elderly, as the media got the news, there are those who are hooraying for how much the technologies are advancing right now, and, there are those who are worried about the robots’ ability to show emotions.

It seems, that human life had become, more, and more reliant on robot, from factories, home, to waiters, etc., etc., etc., a lot of the jobs are replaced by robots now; and now, the robots can also soothe someone’s moods, and to hold conversations too, the scholars in France are worried, that, would these intelligent robots cause people to drift farther, and farther away from one another?

A nursing home in Holland awhile ago had a brand new way, if a foreign student accompanies an elderly for thirty hours a month, they can get free room and board, the younger students could take their spare time away from school, to hold conversations with elderly, to hold birthday parties for them, to teach the eighty-something elderly man to use the internet, to write an e-mail, all of these care and concerns that stemmed from the heart, no robot can replace.

But, with the reduction of birthrate, and people living longer and longer, if there’s not enough members of the younger generations willing to put in the time, then, robots shall become, the best companions.

And so, this, is going to be a BIG problem, especially with the intelligent robot that is described here, plus, the younger generations ALL have their separate lives to live, and, chances are, that they won’t have the time, to spend all of their off hours (away from work) around their aging parents, and so, robots shall be, taking over this world eventually!

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