The Dysfunctions of Families are Shown by the Mirror Sound Kingdom Incident

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The adolescent, Chang who operated the group “Mirror Sound Kingdom” had enticed two young adolescent girls to run away from home last year, and this year, he’d managed to entice another adolescent girl, Kung to the mountains, and, it took the police ten days to finally find them.  On the surface, it’s a story of how two kids ran away from home, but, the images of two middle-school aged children hovering together, in an off-the-maps rundown shack, it’s truly, heartbreaking.  But why, does the youth, Chang kept finding members of his cohort, to accompany him, to live off, away from civilizations?  And why, was he able to, get them to come along each and every single time?

From Chang’s Facebook accounts, you can tell that he’s excellent in writing, with a good imagination, with the maturity, that most kids his age didn’t have, if he can be led on the right tracks of artistry, he may become famous some day, but, instead, he’d used his characteristics, to capture his preys.  Last year after he was found, the courts returned him back to his parents, without knowing, that he came from a broken up home, and the parents no longer cared for him anymore.  On top of that, when Chang was discovered, he was dressed up as a girl, could it be, that he’s facing difficulties in gender identity, is that why, he needed, to make his own world?  All of these issues, should be taken into the awareness of the schools, as well as the social welfare organizations.

Kung, the adolescent girl came from a strict family, because she’d gotten drawn in to anime and cosplay, her cell phone was confiscated by her parents, she’d become depressed, which was why, she’d turned to the online virtual reality to pour her heart out, that, was how she’d met the adolescent, Chang.  Cell phone had become an important part of teenagers’ lives, the parents should try to console with their teens, instead of just, taking away the privileges, to avoid a harsh and unmanageable confrontation.

Family is the earliest kingdom for a child, and, why would a child abandon it, and run into the mountains, to build up his own world?  This, is a question, worth looking into, by the adults.

And so, this, is the discussion of how because the families out there are malfunctioning, that, is why those troubled young adults are turning to the online world, to find people who can understand what they’re going through, and, it’s also, because of the neglect to pay more attention to what is going on in these teenagers’ minds, that’s caused them to need to find an alternate place they feel belonging to.

Twelve Small White Doves, the Education of Children

The observations of a teacher here, translated…

One of the students, Hua, is a student who’s easily ignored, he would always come and go, like the lone rider, rarely raised his hands to voice his thoughts and opinions in class either.  And, from time to time, I’d heard him, engage in interactions with others, on borrowing erasers from his classmates, and, it took him, ten sentences’ time, to blurt out one complete sentence, turns out, that when he feels nervous, he’d have a stutter, couldn’t get his point across, and, it’d cost him on the interpersonal relationships’ front.  I’d thought about it on my own, that I must help this child out, it’s just, that I just, can’t think of a good way to.

On a certain afternoon, I was accompanying the kids as they had their lunch, all of a sudden, Hua came to my desk, said to me, “Teacher, look so many white doves are strolling on the field”.

“Oh wow, they are, do you know them?”, I’d looked toward the field.

“Sure I do!  They were abandoned by the neighbors living opposite of our building, there are, a dozen of them.”

“How do you know that there are a dozen, and, how do you know, that they were abandoned by your neighbors?”, I asked him, out of curiosity.

“Because they’re all my best friends, and so, I’d named all of them, look at the one with the spots behind the neck, I call it ‘dinky’, and, the one with the damaged leg on the back………”

Hua started talking continually, and told me every characteristic trait of every one of those pigeons, all of a sudden, I’d come to understand why he’d insisted on having a birdhouse built by the school, and he’d even bought the bird feeds out of his own allowances to feed them, turns out, it was because he didn’t want to see his friends, the pigeons, to go hungry, without a home.

I was moved by the compassion of this child, and I’d found one thing too, that once stuttering youth who’d become too isolated, in front of things that he was intrigued by, had become a bird expert.

And so, I’d borrowed a couple of books on bird from the libraries, and told Hua that he has a brand new assignment, hoped that he could finish a report on the twelve small pigeons by the end of the semester, and that I will have him, report to the class on their progress; and, if he has troubles along the way, I and other kids in the class will be more than happy to help him out.

I thought, that Hua would say no, but gladly, he’d took up the assignment that’s outside the curriculum, not specified in the homework assignments.

“Child, thank you so much, for helping me find a way, to help you, and, thank you for not turning down my requests, I hope, that this beautiful beginning can help you see your own potential, to no longer just have bird friends, and gain your more friends who are your peers, in the road to learning, you will no longer be alone, you have us, to accompany you.”

So, all that’s needed here, was to find something that the kid is intrigued by, is interested in, and, allow him, to exercise his mind, and, this teacher was on the verge of giving up on this young child, but gladly, she didn’t, and, the kid had managed, to impress her.

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