Her Angel in Green Uniform…Delivered the Groceries for Her for Five Years on End

There’s still kindness in the world that we’re living in, despite how many pieces of bad news are out there, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

A woman diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Pan, who lives alone in Sanchong, had met a post office worker, Wang, when she’d dropped off a package awhile ago, and, for the five years since, other than picking up her packages, Wang also delivered rice, vegetables to Pan regularly, when Pan had a stroke, Wang had gone to the hospitals to visit her three times, even helped pay for her fees for the hospital stays, causing Pan to be moved by his kindness.

The fifty-nine year-old Pan dropped off a package five years ago at the post office, the post office didn’t have the handicapped railings, she couldn’t get into the building, and waited outside anxiously, and, Wang happened to pass through, not only did he help her mail her package back then, he’d also promised, “In the future, you don’t need to come to the post office, just call us up, and, we’ll come and pick up your packages.”

Because Wang had interacted with those who are disabled regularly, he’d gotten a few friends to set up a compassion group together, and, everybody from the group would put in donations of one to two thousand dollars a month, to get donated perishable items such as rice, crackers, and they’d taken the time away from work, to deliver the items to the area’s elderly who lived along, single mothers.  And, every year right before the New Year’s, Pan would buy wholesale snacks, and sell them, when he’s busy, working at the post office, he’d asked along his friends and relatives to help him out, to shop together as a group, helped Pan get her sales quota of over twenty thousand dollars a month, Pan wanted to give him some good in return, but he’d insisted on paying her for it, “She’s making a living the hard way, I should not take advantage of her.”

Wang said, that as a mail carrier, he’d trekked all over, and, it’s no trouble at all, for him to go out of his way, to see if someone needed extra help, several of the elderly in the community whom he’d treated like fathers had passed away one by one, and, he’d carried the mails from their homes that could no longer be received, and felt sad about it.  This also made him realized, that he must take advantage of now.

And so, this man had shown care and concern to others, helped a handicapped woman with delivery and receiving of her items, and this stemmed from his empathy, because he saw that there’s a need, therefore, he’d gathered a group of individuals who are willing to help out too, and, they’re doing a ton of good.

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