Why Are You So Unhappy???

This, is from an observer’s perspective…

Why are you so unhappy?  You already have everything in life, everything I can EVER dream of, so, why are you still dissatisfied with life, I don’t get you, you know?

Why are you so unhappy?  What the F*** (maxed out, remember???) do you KNOW about my life?  Just because I look like I have all the gold, glory and everything ELSE in between, that still doesn’t mean, that I have EVERYTHING that makes ME happy, and, who the HELL are you, to JUDGE?

Why are you so unhappy?  I don’t see how my unhappiness is of anybody’s concerns here!  Why are you so unhappy?  You shouldn’t be like this, you know, instead look around, and see all those others, with less than you, they’re still, doing the best they possibly can, to make their lives matter, but, they’re still NOT me, so, how the F*** (“maxed” out, remember???) would they know, how I feel?

Why are you so unhappy?  Why the HELL do you care, and, since WHEN, did my happiness or unhappiness become a “public” issue?  Why can’t you just LEAVE me, in my misery already?  And, STOP bugging me!

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