Your Next Boss May be Watching You

The observations from life, translated…

Ching, who’s a janitor of our building is a very outgoing and optimistic woman, other than doing her tasks at cleaning up, she’d always helped the residents who couldn’t get out of their houses to buy their meals for them, out of the kindness of her heart, to take out the trash for them, so, in the three years she worked in the building, she’d established a good relationship with the residents.

But, nobody can please everybody.  Two months ago, she’d told us, that her time is up by the end of the month, because someone had complained about how she only carried on in conversation with the residents of the building, and not done her job well, etc., etc., etc., and she was, fired by her boss.

Awhile ago, I’d met her again in the elevator, turns out, a member of the community who’d often asked her to run errands learned that she was fired, and, formally hired her, to help clean up her house.

She’d helped the resident with the simpler matters of the household, the basic household chores, and, she’d earned exactly the same amount as when she was hired to clean up the building, but, the work is much easier, and, the hours became shorter too, she’d gained something before she got fired.

We’d often heard about how people would complain of how heavy the workload is, feared, that if they’d done a little extra work, then, they’d become taken, without thinking that maybe, your future boss, is right there, next to you, observing.

And so, because this woman’s work ethics, and how she’d helped those in the building she’d worked in, after she was fired, someone offered her a new job, which paid even BETTER than when she’d had to take care of the entire building, and that still just shows, that something that seemed like a loss, may actually be a gain instead.

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