The Wall of Victory


Every time I’d gone to my old friend, Hong’s place, I’d always visited the “walls of victory” in his study, and, it’d given me a ton of awakening.

Hong was my classmate from college, he is very skilled at calligraphy, as well as painting, from his elementary years up to now, he’d entered into numerous art and calligraphy competitions, and won a ton of awards too.  The countless awards, certificates, hung all over the four walls of his study, which I called, the “walls of victory”.

And, he’d told me, “I did not get too egotistical about it, instead, I’d used this wall, to keep myself alert: to always remember the hard working origin I’d started on, to recall the blood, sweat AND tears that went in, to achieve all of these awards, so I can keep on improving myself for the better.”

His words made me blush, because I also had several “walls of victory” inside my house, in my study, as well as in my living room too, and, they’d only had the certificates, the awards I won from writing and on the job.  I’d often looked at these walls, felt a ton of achievements and pride, and, I’d gotten intoxicated in the past moments of my glory, no wonder that recently, when I entered into writing competitions, I never won anything, turns out, it was, because I didn’t do what Hong had done, “stood on the point of my origins”, to “not forget why I’d started in the first place”, to remember, that back then, I just wrote, for pure enjoyment, not for the purpose of winning any awards at all.

Thinking here, my mind drifted to Hong, who’s already a high school principal now, with his own salaries, not counting the bonuses he’d received, he could’ve switched that thirty-year-old desk out already, but he’d insisted on keep using it, it’d made me wonder.  He’d told me, that that, was because he’d insisted on “standing on the point where he’d started from”, to keep himself on guard: back then, he’d used the desk to write calligraphy, to draw, that, was how he was able to have the small achievements that he has today!

This had, once again, made me ashamed, because I’d used the money I’d earned, spent $25,000N.T. to buy a brand new desk and chair, to replace the one that I’d only used for eight years, it seems, that I should model after Hong’s “spirit of point of origin” then!

And, this man did NOT allow all his award-winning work get to his head, instead, he’d kept to the center of who he was back then, kept everything he’d used from before, as a reminder, to his humble beginnings, to keep reminding him, that everything he’d achieved, he did it, from hard work, that it shouldn’t be taken lightly, or easily.

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