Slow-to-Learn, But Hard-Working, Finally, Reaching One’s Goals, Observations from the Workforce

Hard work will PAY off, so long as you don’t give up on it, translated…

My good friend, A’s daughter, May, several years ago, after she’d graduated from high school, when she’d taken the national entrance exams for college, she didn’t get in.  When she felt beaten down, her aunt told her, “Now, there is a recently started college of management that’s hosting a second call for registration.”  And so, May signed up for it right away, and, prepared herself for the examinations, and she got in.

My good friend A reminded her college-bound daughter, May, “the most important thing for a woman is having a stable job, to NOT be reliant on someone else, to make your own ends meet, I hope, you’ll use this time in university to enrich yourself, I encourage that you go for the public positions examinations later.”

At first, May didn’t take her dad’s words to heart, during her first two years of university, she’d partied too hard with her friends and classmates.  She’s tiny in frame, gotten involved in several relationships, but, the guys she’d dated either that they cheated on her, or decided, to start dating someone else who looked prettier.

May was sad, and, she was, all of a sudden, reminded of her dad’s words, “Woman need to become self-reliant”, and so, in her spare time from her courses, she’d started preparing for the public positions examinations.  She’d chosen the basic level exams that didn’t look at degree, but was with the lowest rate of passing.

The first time she took the exams in her senior year in university, she’d failed, but she’d still used her drive, kept studying hard.  And, her hard work eventually paid off, the year after she’d graduated from university, she’d gotten in, as the last spot of the “backup lists”, and, she didn’t mind, that she was sent to a distant country region to work, that all who’d passed the examinations tried to avoid, she’d set out, to take the job.

Awhile ago, May got her wish, transferred back to her hometown to work, and, there was a boy, who works in a public facility too, who’d started, pursuing her as well.

Recently, A took his daughter’s wedding invitation, to give it to me, and that, was when I’d heard May’s story from top to bottom.  I’d congratulated his daughter one winning double on her work, as well as in her marriage.  A said, in a heartfelt manner, “So, the slow birds must fly out first, so, they can reach their goals as well!”

Although this woman didn’t have the homing advantage, but, she’d made up for it with her hard work, and, never gave up, and that, was how she was able to success, in achieving her goals, that just shows, that persistence will eventually pay off, so long as you’re persisting toward the right things in life.







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