Conversations Online…

The MINIMALIST approach to interactions…

Sup!  Not much…and that, is ‘bout it, and that, is what conversations online reduced human interactions to, and, because of this MAGIC invention of the WWW, this had, turned into the TREND of things, of how we relate to one another.

Conversations online, I got so much to say to you when we’re “chatting” via some IM program online, but, when we met up, we’d both fell silent, WHY, is that?  I mean, has something changed, when we met up in person?  Do those conversations online work better, because we have NO idea what one another look like, which means, that we CAN’T make judgments based on how one another appeared?  And, what’s changed, now that we’d met up face-to-face, am I not what you expected?  Are you not, what I thought?

That, would be the problem with conversations online, because, when you talk online, you can mask yourselves up as whatever or WHOEVER, but, when the two of you go out, meet up, face-to-face, that façade is, lift off, and, surely enough, you will get disappointed over one another, because you held that expectation of who one another is, when you hadn’t met up yet, which is why, a LOT of the interactions worked so well when the two of you were just “conversing” online, and, don’t work at all, when the two of you sit down, FACE-to-FACE!

Conversations online, with the use of emoticons, abbreviated words like lol, so, instead of seeing someone actually, LAUGHING at that NOT-EVEN-FUNNY joke you’d just told, you’d get that EGO boost, which was much needed, and that, is how you two maintain connection, rapport online, until when the two of you really actually meet up together, FACE-to-FACE, then, everything goes WHAM, CRASHED!

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