When the Only Interaction with the World You Shared is Limited to Online

This, is really, really BAD!!!  But, because of all those current developments of modern day technologies, there’s NO way of avoiding this, I’m afraid…

When the only interactions with the world you shared is limited to online, you are missing out, on a HELL of a lot, you don’t get to see that look of excitement, when you tell someone the good news about whatever, you can only imagine the way they looked.

When the only interactions with the world you shared is limited to online, then, you are, a modern day CAVEMAN, and, with little to NO physical interactions with the outside world, you’ll become, very strange, and, end up like that WEIRD lady with ten THOUSAND cats in that cul-de-sac of that neighborhood, you know, the house where as the kids walked by there, they’d all become, tippy-toed, and hushed?

When the only interactions you shared with the world is online, then, you’d lost the physical connections with people, and, you may have a ZILLION friends on Facebook, or some other online social networking sites, but, HOW many of those “friends”, can you count on, when you’re in trouble?  That’s still, uh, let me C-O-U-N-T………(this, is me, counting???): N-O-N-E!


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