The Taichung First High School’s Biology Instructor Became a Woman, His Mother Allowed Him to Dress as a Woman, But Hadn’t Nodded on the Sex-Change Operations

At least, his mother was willing to COMPROMISE here, and, it’s still all about BABY STEPS here, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

The biology teacher, Tseng from the First High School in Taichung went on the process of sex change, after she’d come out, she’d received a ton of supports, but, she’d cared most about her mother’s views.  Last week, she’d put on makeup, and worn a dress, as she’d gone back home, her mother who’d originally accused her of being “a joke” told her, “You can dress up as a woman, but, you can’t go through the sex reassignment operations,” her mother’s words against her having a sex-change operation had her mother’s love after she’d changed her mind.

The principal of the First High School in Taichung, Chen said, in the past week, there were over a hundred thousand members of the online community who caused the story of “Him Becoming Her” to go viral, he’d originally feared that there would be people who’d talked trash, but, surprisingly, he’d heard nothing BUT voices of support mostly, and, there were four calls that showed great concerns for the subjects; this story is a positive lesson, a few of the classes used this story as a discussion, to teach the teachers, as well as the students, to show respect to a person, no matter the gender, the sexual orientations, or professions of the person.

From Tseng’s Facebook pages, she’d received numerous supports from places like Malaysia, Singapore, as well as Hong Kong too, and, there are a ton of mails, from parents, sharing the issues they’d had with their own children’s sexual orientation, and identifications with the genders too.

Tseng said, after her mother saw the news about her getting a sex-reassignment, she’d gotten furious, and called her up, to blame her, last weekend, she’d accompanied her mother and aunt, to a religious gathering, and, she’d worked up the courage, to put on her dress, her makeup too, with earrings, and bracelets as well, “formally” appeared in a form of a woman in front of her mother.

“Even though I’d already received a ton of support from the society and all around, I’d wanted my mother’s blessings the most!”, Tseng had been taking female hormones for a year and a half now, and her secondary sex traits had already been altered, but because of how her mother was against it, in the past, she only dared to dress in androgynous clothes, and this time, she’d dressed herself like a woman, hoping, that she could gain the support of her mother, to finish the final step in transforming from “him” to “her” finally.

And so, despite ALL the support that this person received, what “she” needed and wanted the most, was still “her” mother’s support, and, “her” mother had compromised slowly too, from NOT allowing “her” to dress up as a woman, to only NOT permitting for the gender reassignment operations, and, that just shows how the mother’s attitude about what was happening is slowly, altered, and, I’m sure, that one day in the future, the mother will embrace this new “daughter”, who was once, her son!

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