The Purpose of Bedtime Stories

The purpose of bedtime stories, is, to CONNECT with your children, before they go to bed, and, believe it or don’t, and you had BETTER believe it, your kids are looking forward to, this special time shared with you, after all, you’d worked all day long, and now, you’re finally home, it’s only natural, that they want your total and undivided attention, your focus on them.

Bedtime stories not only benefit the children, it also gives the adults time to breathe, to take a load off, to put the mind on hold for a short bit, because, in telling your kids those bedtime stories, you get to, temporarily forget about how people are trash-talking one another, stabbing each other in the back in your working environment, and, it also helps you take a break, from ALL the ills of the world you’d encountered throughout your day.

The purpose of bedtime stories, is MORE than to put your kids to sleep, after all, they WILL all, fall asleep, eventually, but, by taking the time, to read to them, you’re showing them, that they’re, important to you, that they’re among, the top priorities in your lives, which will, boost their self-confidence, because their mommies and daddies actually cared enough about them, to take the time, to read them their bedtime stories.

So, don’t forget, the next time you’re tucking your kids in, DO read to them, and, don’t forget those kisses, as they should always BE, initiated by you, the parents, not the kids!


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