The Instructors & the Students of Yong-Ping High School Bent Down, and Scrubbed the Toilets, to Touch Other Faculty Members’ as Well as Other Students’ Hearts

The humbleness of man, is being MODELED after here, from the Newspapers, translated…

A lot of knowledge goes into cleaning up the toilets, the Taiwan Beautification Organization with the Yongping High School in Yonghe District held the learning opportunities of “Cleaning Up the Hearts, Washing Everything Clean” Activities yesterday, the faculties and the students was under the instructions of a Japanese cleaning expert, who led them to scrub, and wipe, get “intimate” with the toilets and the urinals, to learn the attitude of “bending over”.

How hard is it, to bend over and scrub the toilets?  Even the school teachers said, that the very first time they’d had to do it, they were all, a bit scared, they’d discarded what they’d normally used, the long scrubbing brushes, the pipes, the mops, instead, they used the sponges, the scrubbing pieces, and dish rags, first, they’d bent over, soaked up all the remaining water that was in the urinals, then, scrubbed down the urinals by hand, but, as they’d gotten closer to the urinals, the smell was bad, “it truly made us want to run away!”

“It was the VERY first time we’d had to do something like this”, a member of the middle school class 706 shared this unique experience, at first, it was, not at all easy, but, with the Japanese lady, leading him, later on, he felt, that it became, a fun experience instead, after he’d cleaned up the toilet, he felt very much achieved, and wanted to share this hard-to-come-by experience with his own parents too.

The process of cleaning up the toilets and the urinals continued for one and a half hours, yesterday, there were, close to six hundred participants in the activities, other than the school principal, Liu who led the way, bending down with her students, there were another 132 cleaning experts, as well as the employees and owners of various enterprises from Japan who had helped out with the activities, alongside the over four hundred members of the beautification committee here, and, among them, were big name enterprise owners too.

This year, the cleaning theme was, “Cleaning Off the Hearts, Making it Brand New”, this stemmed from how the last year’s representative world being “Darkness”.  The Secretary of the Taiwan Beautification Organization, Lee claimed, that when everybody puts in her/his share, then, the smallest changes can become huge, if everybody could experience the disgust from cleaning up the toilets, then, in the process, empathy may be formed, and, through changes in the individuals, expanding into changes in the community.

So, this, is a lesson in moral education, I suppose, because the children need to be started younger, to LEARN about the difficulties of others’ lives, and, by making them learn to clean up the toilets, they are gaining that empathy, and now, as they go to the toilets, they may not be as careless in using the urinals, instead, they would start to consider, the person, having to clean up the mess they’d left behind, so, they wouldn’t leave ANY mess behind, this, is a great program that’s initiated here.


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