The Disclosures to a Stranger


In the depth of autumn that year, I’d gotten the call from my eldest brother, telling me, that our mother was not going to make it, so, I’d packed some simple needs, rushed back home.  With the straits opening up, on the boat from Kinmen to Xiamen, there sat a kind-looking older woman next to me, she saw how I had this worried look on my face, thought that I was suffering from the motion sickness from the boat moving too much, she’d shown me some care and concerns, “Are you okay?  Do you need some assistance?”

The woman’s kindness touched my heart, and, I’d told her that my mother’s about to die, and that I was rushing home, to see her, that it may be the very last time I will ever get to see her.  But, my husband had just lost his job, with our two young children, I worried about my mother’s conditions, at the same time, I’m also distressed about my two young children back home in Taipei, and, a thousand worries filled me up, and, my moods dropped, to the lows of the lows.

I don’t know why, but I’d poured my heart out, to a complete stranger.  As the older woman listened in silence, and, nodded from time to time, to let me know, that she understood what I was going through, after I’d finished talking, I felt this weight, lifted off of me, and, I was filled, with the strengths, to take on the unknowns of my future.

These couple of years, in going to and from the straights, I’d also bumped into strangers who’d poured their hearts out to me too.  When I met someone, with whom I’d shared the affinities, I would, strike up conversations with them share with them, what was on my mind.  During our short meetings, we didn’t need to know where one another was from, where we’re going, without the masks, the vulnerabilities inside us all, started to show, and gotten the release they’d needed.  Then, we’d waved to one another, turned around lightly, with the courage, and the strengths, to face up to the next challenges in our separate lives.

So, this, is the advantage of, pouring your hearts out to a complete stranger, like those people with whom you’d met, for the very first time, because, they don’t know you, so, they wouldn’t have that preconceived notion about you, and so, the interactions would be more than genuine, and, by pouring your hearts out to a complete stranger, your worries found an outlet, and, you felt that burden you’d carried from before lifted, just a little bit, from your shoulders, and, you’re more than likely to, lend that helping ear to someone else who needs in the future, and that, is how the cycle of kindness also rolls around.


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