Picking Out a Kindergarten, Don’t Be Mythical About All-English Institutions

We still ALL want our kids, to start off, with that MUCH-NEEDED COMPETITIVE edge, so this, is where the MYTHS come in, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

From the months of April to August, is the registration trend of the kindergartens, the National Teachers’ Guild yesterday suggested to the parents on the keys to picking out a good kindergarten using the following guidelines: no cramming on reading, writing, OR math; and that the qualities of the teachers shouldn’t be those newly graduated teaching department students; to NOT become superstitious about the foreign-born instructors, without the teaching certificates.

The All-Educational Organization’s department manager, Chang stated, that after the implementations of the new bill of early childhood education and care had set in, the realm of the early childhood education is slowly changing, the publicly funded kindergartens and the private kindergartens are the primary choices of the parents’; but, a lot of parents are still, WAY too superstitious on English education, and, there was this trend of parents, lining up outside those dual-language academies, to sign their children up.

The assistant director of the All-Education Organization, Yen said, that the chairs in the kindergarten facilities, if they were set up in rows like they are in elementary schools, that means that the children were being force fed the lessons, that it’s best, to have the chairs set up in groups, or learning sessions in each of the corners of the classrooms, to get the children to participate in their learning processes actively; and, there must be enough outdoors unit, in case the younger children don’t get enough time to exercise.

Yen reminded the parents, that if the kindergarten classrooms were decorated very well, but, the decorations aren’t related to the creations of children, or has anything to do with the lessons, then, the teachers were spending too much time on classroom decorations, along with other odds and ends activities, and not having enough time, to socialize or to interact with the children.

He’d stressed, that the first three to five years of a kindergarten instructors’ careers are spent on adapting, and discovering the work environment, and, if the entire kindergarten has teachers who’d only been teaching for no more than three years, then, it would mean, that the fluidity of the instructors is way too high; the kindergartens are banned from hiring foreign teachers by law, but, the kindergartens would set themselves up as cram schools, and that the foreign teachers may lack experiences in working with children in the earlier years, so, don’t blindly believe the words of the kindergartens.

These, are the few guidelines, that the papers had summed up, in choosing a kindergarten for the younger generations, but, because it is, a INTERNATIONAL world that these kids had come into, so, naturally, a TON of the parents would still fall for the advertisements of “All-English” education, and, by believing in getting a head start in another language is good for my kid, the kids still ended up, suffering, plus, aren’t the earlier years of childhood supposed to be play-oriented???  Uh, YEAH, so parents, STOP believing what those god DAMN institutions are selling you, but, because you still ALL want your kids to have that head start on life, and, you LACKED the foresight, that your kids may drop DEAD (b/c of how hard they were pushed!!!), way before they’re even ABLE to see the finishing lines.

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