Sweeten Those Bruises with Kisses

Sweeten those bruises with kisses, like you’d always done…you had, beaten me up, again, and this time, I didn’t PUSH you, like some of the previous times I got beaten up by you.

After that shiner and my broken cheekbones, you’d sweetened those bruises and broken bones, with kisses, you’d dressed my wounds up, painted them over, with mascara, so only you and I know of their existence.

Sweeten those bruises with kisses, you had done that, all along, and, I’d allowed you to, for the sake of my young kids, but, they’d grown up now, and, I got NO need to put up with your abuse anymore, but, the moment I told you it was over, you went NUTS, and this time, after you’d beaten me, HALF to death (b/c I still got that breath left inside of me!), you’d tried to, sweeten those bruises with kisses, but, I won’t have it again, because I had had it with you, I’d called the abuse hotline, and, the officials came, took me to the hospitals, and this time, when the cops asked me if I wanted to press charges, I’d told them, YES!, which was, not like the times before………

Sweeten those bruises with kisses, you will always do, but, I’m NO longer, and I just don’t want to put up with it anymore!  Sweeten those bruises with kisses, you will NEVER again, because I will NEVER allow you to, hurt me like that EVER!


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Filed under Abuse, Bad Behaviors, Coping Mechanisms, Cost of Living, Life, Socialization, Vicious Cycle, Violence Against Members of Opposite Sex

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