Nothing is Built to Last

If you’d been around long enough, then, this, would BE the conclusions you came to too!  Nothing is built to last, and, you should know that by now, don’t you???

Nothing is built to last, not even love, and, when you’re just in love, you may feel, that oh, we’ll be together, for forever AND a day, because you’re infatuated with one another, but soon, betrayals happened, and, you’d get shattered, and, it’s all because, you’d held that high-above-sea-level expectation you shouldn’t have in the first place.

Nothing is built to last, you had better come to your senses about it, lives are still, getting lost, every single day, and, each and every day, the old lives are replaced, with the new ones, and that, is just how it goes, NO way ‘round it!

Nothing is built to last, and, if you want to believe, that things ARE built to last, then, you’d be in, for a H-U-G-E disappointment, and, once you’d felt disappointed, well, let’s just say, that disappointments don’t feel that good at all…


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