The Constant Emotional Support from the Family, on Filial Relations


It’s actually, a coincidence, that my father is a doctor, and my mother has a congenial heart condition, my older brother was so active, that he’d gotten endless number of injuries growing up, and I have an allergic body type, my younger brother, with abnormal functioning in his liver since he was very young, and my youngest brother, kept having tonsil troubles.  We’d all, taken turns, trying our father’s medical abilities, and we’re the basic types of patients at his clinic as well.  My eldest brother would joke on the fact, that the five of us are, my father’s most loyal, never transferring, ironclad fans, we’re also, the burdens of his love.

Back then, in the middle of the nights, when the notice of my mother dying came, I’d rushed to the hospital with my father.  In the ward, my father lifted up the white sheet that was draped over my mother, like how he was checking his patients, checked her eyes, heard her heart, checked his pulse, then, gently, wiped away the blood stain on my mother’s nostrils, placed the white sheets back over her body, said to me, in a low voice, “Mom’s gone, let’s head home!”

This very last time my father examined my mother had, engraved into my heart, the never-ending love can only come from family! N because of my family’s love, now, I have, ironclad fans as well.

After I retired, writing, reading, submitting my articles in, because my primary leisure activities, even though I’d had a ton of rejections, my love for writing stayed unwavered, I’d still written a lot.  When my son would see one of my articles on the papers, he’d exaggeratedly told me how impressed he was, that his mom’s writings were so lively, and encouraged me to keep on sending my writings in.

I told him, that that was a rejected submission, he’d immediately consoled me, that when the papers rejected an essay, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good, it might just mean, that the views conflicted with the editor’s is all, to not get discouraged, that I should keep on writing, he wanted to be my number one fans.  The words of this first fan is so touching, and, it’d given me enormous amount of encouragements.

With these two ironclad fans by my side, I’d worked, even harder, to plow that literary field of my own, hoped, that the flowers will bloom through the seasons, and, to increase the number of fans I have from two, to twenty, to two hundred.

So, this, is how close-knit the person and her family was, they’d shown one another the emotional and physical support, when one another needs it, and, with this sort of support from the ones you loved, you can achieve any and everything you want to.



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