Giving Them a False Alibi

You might think you’re helping them, by covering their asses, but, you’re not!

Giving them a false alibi, so they can all, get away, from committing their crimes.  Giving them a false alibi, you might think, that you’re just, doing what’s best for them, and, for the time being, it MIGHT seem that way, but, for the long run, you’re actions bear consequences you can’t even begin to imagine.

Giving them a false alibi, they’d already had their last strikes, and, you think, that you’re helping them, but, you’re actually HARMING them, by taking the RESPONSIBILITIES that they need to learn to shoulder up on their own.  Giving them a false alibi, you hoped, that it will help them behave better, that they’d learned, to NOT disappoint someone who cared so much about them, too much, that she was willing, to perjure oneself, to save them, but, you’re DEAD wrong!

Giving them a false alibi, you’re NOT only, NOT helping them, you’re actually HARMING them, more than you can imagine, what, do you think you’re teaching them, by covering them, giving them a false alibi?  You’re teaching them, that it’s okay to lie, to find holes in the system, to squeeze into, to get out, of being punished, and, in the long run, you’d hurt them, too much………

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Filed under Bad Parenting Behaviors, Being Exposed, Excuses, Moral Responsibilities, Rationalization

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