Kidnapped by Reality

Help!  Reality had kidnapped me, and, it’d demanded NO ransoms from my loved ones…

Kidnapped, by reality, I had been, and, because for a very long time, it’s just, me and reality, I’d originally hated it very deeply, but, because I’d relied on it for my basic needs, I’d started, developing what seemed like love toward it.

Kidnapped by reality, it’d taken me hostage, and, I have NO choice, but DO as I’m told, NO matter how much I didn’t want to, because if I don’t, then, something AWFUL is bound to happen to me.  Kidnapped, by reality, I’d lived in this state of mind, for so very long, been locked up in that cage too long, that I’d lost my will to fly…

Kidnapped by reality, and, there’s NOTHING I can do, it’s either adapt, OR die, so yeah, I’d forced myself to adapt, to this reality I’d found myself to be in, and, one day, reality, it just set me free, no questions asked, how O-D-D?  Why did reality kidnap me, and then, release me, without ANY requests later???

Kidnapped by reality, and no, I won’t give in, I will NEVER allow it, to take ME hostage, I’d rather DIE, and so, I had, taken away, the ONLY leverage that reality has of me, my own life, and, in the very end, mine, was an unsolved mystery case, and the perpetrator, reality, it was, NEVER caught, OR, brought to justice, nor did I pay, for MY untimely demise!!!


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