After She Had Walked Through the Valleys of Death, the Retired Teacher Volunteered at an Art Gallery

The turn of events in one’s life here, from the Newspapers, translated…

“If there’s something you want to do, do it, RIGHT NOW!”, the sixty-five year-old retired elementary school instructor, Yang from Taishan Elementary School, had taken a trip, around death’s door because of her brain tumors, and, ever since she got well again, she’d poured her heart and soul into volunteering, and learned to paint using pastels, with her hard working mannerisms, she could finally fulfill her dreams of having her own exhibition, at the Taishan Public Library, and now, she hoped to use her own life experiences, to inspire those who are currently going through the lows of their lives, to find some light.

With a head of silvery white hair, Yang, who greeted everybody with her radiant smiles, had once marched through the valleys of shadows because of a brain tumor, and after she’d gone through extensive treatments, she’d slowly regained her health back: “Back then, I thought I was almost dead”, Yang said, after being led down that valley of shadows and doubts, she’d gained a brand new perspective toward life, felt that she was blessed by the heavens above, and that she should give back to the community, help those who needed the assistance, other than working as a volunteer, she’d gotten introduced to pastel painting, which made her realize, that there’s passions and inspirations all around her.

The dentist, who shared similar zests toward art, Lee, had taken up photography for over two decades, and his work had once been admitted into the international competitions too, he’d used the early morning hours, to take walks through the woods, to capture the images of multiple flowers, and birds as well, and, he’d shown the rare birds he was able to encounter in the Taishan region.

The passionate-about-volunteering retired school instructor, with the dentist who’s into photography, they’d shared an exhibition together.

So, this, is how the turns of someone’s life made her realize that she needed to take the time she has, and make as many differences in others’ lives as she possibly can, and, by volunteering, I’m sure, that this retired school instructor had managed to make her own retirement even MORE colorful too.


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