The Millions of Possibilities in the World You May Have Missed


That, was a game of our childhood past—a piece of scratch paper, a pen, using the pen, to draw out several parallel roads, several intersecting lines: then, we’d rolled up the paper, showing the starting point, making our friends choose a path: to the left, or the right?  With the moving forward of our fingers, the one who’d made up the games of the page slowly, unveiled the sheet, and, the ending results, slowly, appeared, before us, what’s waiting there at the very end would either be a dead-end, or some treasures.  We’d giggled, as we’d played this game, nobody really cared the results of this game; plus, the paths are too simplistic, the end, painless, and, usually, after a few more times, everybody would start to get bored.

As children, none of us knew, that this game of “lost journeys” made up by childish lines, is the simplest type of decisions we would be making, later on in life.

Had I only known, I wouldn’t have chosen the answer I’d selected.  Had I know, I wouldn’t have alighted that bus.  Had I know, I wouldn’t have fallen for that person.  Had I know, I would’ve put ALL my money in, and let the die roll………I must admit, there are constant little things that made us regret, the smallest being having the wrong food items, the biggest to writing down the wrong majors to take up in university.  Regrets are surely unpleasant, because the experiments from psychology showed, the feelings of “knowing that there’s a possibility of you losing” is WAY MORE intense than “I’d already had”.  Even a rat being tested showed, that it can show regrets—when it’d discovered, that the food item it’d chosen for this time wasn’t fitting to its desires, for the next round, it will turn around, and start, lining up, at the other region.

In “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” by Mokoto Shinkai, described how in a parallel universe, in it, he’d romantically pointed out, that this parallel universe is the dream world of the people from this universe, if people are able to get to the end results of those other universes, could they, make the perfect decisions for themselves?

But, unfortunately, even IF all the stories on time traveling has the theme of making the wrongs in the pasts right again.  This world still kept on, turning nonstop.  During my daily life, every single second of every single minute, I’m standing on a crossroad, and most of the times, the choices are not as simple as turning left or right, instead, it’s like the branches of a tree, fanned out; possibilities, time possibilities, the endless numbers of possibilities will eventually, pass me by, and yet, I was destined, to see just, the END result.  Sometimes, I’d contemplated, or maybe, it’s because how we can have time to do over again, we must accept our own mistakes, that, is probably why, the brains of living organisms have developed the optical cortex to process regrets, so we can change our behaviors for the future—it’s about survival, and the next time, don’t make that mistake again.

Don’t know why, my elementary school teacher told me, who was still in the elementary years abruptly, “I decide, if I’d thought the consequences of a behavior through thoroughly, no matter the results, I will NEVER regret about it”.  This, was probably, the most important declaration I’d ever heard, I suppose.  Back then, she had that serious look, in her twenties, and, from my point of view right now, the speaker of this, my former elementary school teacher, was still a young girl herself.  I guess, perhaps, she’d had the bitter tastes from the fruits of regret, but she’s not alone.  After all, history stated, in the key moments in time, the choices of man are always wrong.

So, this, is wisdoms that someone had gained, from walking through her life, and, that still just shows, the most important of all the values we learned, were instilled into our minds, in our earliest days, which is still why, early childhood education is so very important still…

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