Hurrying Through Our Lives, We Leave No Time for Healing

Lessons in life here, translated…

In recently years, I’d slowly come to discover, that NO matter how flashy, well-dressed-up, or outstanding people may be, or maybe, ordinary to a fault, someone that nobody pays any attention to, may all be carrying that hurt from long ago, deep within them…

A Disquieted Heart

In this technology age, where speed and efficiency, a lot of people live their lives, hurriedly, panicky, and unkempt, they had already lost, that peaceful and quiet corner inside their minds.  Life seemed to have become a fast-forward tape, and we became unable, to get a clear and precise look at, what life is really all about.  Day after day, we’d buried ourselves in the loudness, the endless, chasing our destinies around, pursuing a future we ourselves are no longer sure of, and, hunted for, the already almost nonexistent resources.

Life, had already gone, WAY beyond the biological requirements, but, we’d still felt that strong sense of uncertainty, fear, sense of panic, over the futures, we have NO control over, fearing that our riches today, will because naught by tomorrow.

During the poverty stricken times, the fears that deprivation had implanted into our minds, hadn’t been pulled out by the roots yet.  For a very long time, we’d worked hard, to create our sense of value, our senses of self-worth, but, we’d become, too confused on the meanings of our own existences.  In our pursuit of endless resources, applauses, we couldn’t calm ourselves down, and just, enjoy that sense of people when we’re left alone, in our separate solitudes.

A lot of people were misled into believe, that by filling up every single slot of time they have, to prove one’s own importance to this world, how they would be irreplaceable.  They’d started running around, unconsciously, toward a place that they don’t even know, if they desire to be, delusional about how establishing the status quos will make their own lives worth more, believed that wealth can bring about more satisfaction in life, and, achievements will bring joys to the slowly growing older life.

And still, with the promotions of getting that higher rank at the office, the accumulation of more and more wealth, it’d made a lot of people, who had yet to get into the bottom halves of their lives filled with a ton of loss, emptiness, and nostalgia.  Take a look at those who fitted the description of “success” around you, they’d often appeared even MORE so lonely, and without any form of social support around them.

These years, I’d slowly come to discover, no matter what one looks like, well-dressed, achieved in their areas of expertise, or ordinary to a fault, someone whom nobody EVER pays attention to, may have hidden scars deep inside them, and they feel this strong sense of helplessness toward life itself, with the undeniable sense of fatigue toward everything in life too.

Masked up in the happiness, the calm and collected outer covers, people who are seemingly different from one another, actually all shared that sense of being lost.

Some people’s existence is so fragile, that they’d relied on that really thin, and at any time may start breaking up, thread.  There are tsunami waves in them, they feel helpless, and, as they marched down the road of life, they seemed to, not be able to see their futures.

Although they’d worked very hard, to make changes, and yet, they still couldn’t shake that sense of insecurity, that sense of unsettlement from their minds, and couldn’t feel their own meaningful existence, can’t find why it is, that they’re still alive, and the motives to keep them going.

In getting taxed daily by the mind and the body, existence, slowly became this state of being that’s turned void, and, you’d started to prove that you’re still here, by working hard in your body and minds now.

They would usually use any sort of physical labor, get to the various locations that offers spiritual wellbeing, followed the words of certain masters, constantly trying out new things, constantly changing jobs, or to change one’s own living environments, or even, changing one’s own lifestyles, to find the purpose of one’s own existence, to prove that one IS here, but, this sort of hard work usually are purposeless.

Wait for the Soul to Catch Up to the Rest of You

“sometimes, we’d walked too fast, and had, forgotten, why we set out in the morning!”

A few years ago, when I visited the 798 Cultural Region, the words  on a small poster caught my attention, and it’d reminded me of a story, told by a friend, not too long ago.

An American went to Canada to hike for adventure, and asked  members of the Native populations, to help carry the bags, after five days, the Native friends told him, “We’re not walking today, we take a day off!”, the American was shocked, and asked them why they’d decided to take a break, without any warnings beforehand?  The Natives answered, “The wisdoms of our ancestors told us, resting, is for the sake, of our souls, catching up to the rests of us.”

“Waiting for our souls to catch up to the rest of us.”  It’s not just an instinctive response, toward an already fatigued heart, it’s also a kind of wisdom that shows introspections, loving oneself, and listening to that voice from deep within one’s own soul.

Living in a colorful, flashy civilized city, we’d stepped in with the busyness of life, seeing a TON of scenes, and, our footsteps have no other options, but to get shuffled to follow the pace, and, our lives became derailed, and we’d become easily agitated, angered, hurried, without that sense of stability.  While we were spending our materialistic wealth listlessly, getting intoxicated with whatever that’s pleasing to our senses, but, we are not mindful, ignorant, or maybe, not tasting what we’re really having.  And, at the same time, the spiritual developments that is helpful to our psychological wellbeing, became ignored, or borderlined.

Turns out, we’d not only missed out on the scenes, but meeting up with ourselves.

Slow, it’s a way we can use our bodies, to slowly, feel, the changes around our environments, and come to the understanding of how to intimately interact with the environment, and people around us.

Slow, is a more delicate way to approach life, to allow us, to experience the beauties more delicately, more gracefully, to use our senses, to participate in the world’s goings on, to observe with our heart, the restrictions of our own beliefs, our own biases, to think about, how man and nature are reliant on each other eternally.

And so, this, is sort of meditative, by contemplating all the issues mentioned above, you will be able to achieve that insight, gain a better understanding of life, and, maybe, start to, NOT move so fast, along the roads you’re meant to travel in your own lives, but, can you?  Afford to slow down?  Not really, as there are still, BILLS to pay, MONEY you need to make, and ENDS that you MUST meet up with, and, through it all, you’d gotten lost, from the real purpose of your own lives, and, once that happens, well, it’s gonna take FOREVER (literally!!!) to find whatever it is you’d lost sight of from the very beginning back again, and I would know, how?  Let’s say, that I’m WISE beyond my years here!


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