Found My Son, in a Pile of Trash, on Infertility


My aunt who’s past eighty had become easily agitated a lot lately, because her dearly beloved grandson had been married for a long time, but still hadn’t had a child yet.  Once, my aunt asked me, “I recalled that you were infertile for a very long time too, how did you get pregnant in the end?”

I said to her, “I’d found my son, in a pile of junk.”

My aunt looked at me with her disbelief, and so, I’d told her about this story from long ago.

Back then, because I feel the need, to win at everything, I’d placed too much pressure on myself at work, and so, I couldn’t have a child for a very long time.  Back then, what I feared the most, was going back to visit my mother-in-law’s house, she’d often told me, without much thought, of how a certain neighbor of hers just became a grandma, and how cute the baby was, how she’d envied her, etc., etc., etc.

One day, I’d thumbed across the line, “Sometimes, you’re destined to receive, and, when you’re not you mustn’t force it”.  It wasn’t a special statement or anything, but it’d made me, who was feeling too taxed out at the time, contemplate on the words very much, all of a sudden, I’d felt why must I pursue the things that I’m not even so sure of beholding?  And so, I’d quit my busy job, and worked part-time at home, took in the cases, and allowed my body and my mind, to relax completely.

That very day, my husband found a set of Chinese medicine books in the junk piles, he just felt, that working on the cases that I’d worked on, the books may prove to be helpful to me someday in the future, so, he’d brought the set home.

Later on, I’d found a name card in the book, of a Chinese Medicine Doctor, I’d heard my classmate told me, that he specialize in women’s troubles, and would travel between Taiwan and the U.S., and, he didn’t have a specified time that he’d stayed in Taiwan.  I’d tried dialing the number on the card………Later on, there’s finally, an addition to the family………so, basically, saying that I’d found my son, in the trash piles is the truth.

But, what I really wanted to tell my aunt was, , the medical advances of today, is better than when I tried to get pregnant in my time, if the couple was willing to go allow with the treatments that the doctors prescribed, it shouldn’t be that hard, to get pregnant.  But, the decision of whether or not to have children should be left, to the younger generations, even IF worries are needed, leave it to their parents, the grandparents’ generations had done their duties already, so, STOP worrying!

Plus, I really don’t know, if my getting pregnant was the treatment by the Chinese medicine doctor, but back then, I was, relaxed, plus, I’d not forced it, and, my system functioned better.  As for “I’d found my son, in a pile of trash” matching up to the statement of, “Where or not it’s meant to be in life, leave it up to fate to decide”, maybe, it was, only a coincidence.

But I KNOW better, that it’s NOT a coincidence, because you were meant to have a child in life, and, because you were too stressed out from before, and, then, you’d learned to relax, and just, leave everything to FATE, and by taking away that psychological stress that you’d placed upon yourself, your body became more receptive, and that, was how you were able to get pregnant easier…


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