Can We Turn Our Wi-Fi Connections Off?

How. How can we lose our only “connection” to the rest of the world???  Oh yeah, this, is on addiction to the WWW, translated…

I’d gone to Korea to travel with a group of my girlfriends, two days ago, because the hotel we stayed in was old and unmodern, and there was NO wi-fi connection in our room, the group of us girls got lost in conversations until the wee hours of the night, when we still didn’t want to say our goodnights, but, we were, overcome, by the sleeping bugs.

But, since there had been wi-fi connections installed in the hotel we were staying in, although we’d still stayed in the same room, but, we’d gotten our heads, GLUED to our cell phones, and we’d not conversed at all anymore.  From the day before, we were so “intimately relating to one another”, weren’t we?  So, how come, we’re now, LINING our separate friends?  And, our shared suite became, overcome with this deafening silence, only a few words of boring exchanges, then, we’d returned to, working on the games or whatever on our separate cell phones.

What’s undeniable was, I too, was attracted by the wi-fi connection, so, there was a phenomenon, when one of us was using wi-fi, and another wasn’t, at this time, no matter what the one of us who wasn’t using wi-fi tried to engage the one who’s online into some interesting conversations, the replies we’d received from one another had become, “oh yeah, uh-huh!”

This was happening at home too, we’re all sharing the same space, but, because we had wifi as our best company, we no longer required the person-to-person interpersonal interactions anymore.

Naturally, wifi IS all too attractive, you couldn’t say NO to its siren-like calls, it’s powerful, that it can allow you to LINE some far away friends; it can allow you to check in to Facebook, and it can also allow you to follow that soap with that star you’re into.

And, because of it, our lives became very colorful, so, everybody LOVES wifi so, even when we’re out to afternoon tea, arriving at a restaurant, or any place else, we’d asked the shop for the wifi passwords, but is this, truly good?

There IS a real person sitting next to you, food that looks savory before your eyes, or beautiful sceneries, waiting, to take your breaths away, why not just, cherish what’s right before your eyes, those precious moment?

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I KNOW, because we are all, ADDICTED our high-tech stuff, and besides, we MUST let our “friends” on FB know where we are, so that, is why we’d “checked in”, everywhere we go, using that FB QR code, and this is really bad, because you’re IGNORING the people who are right there, sitting, NEXT to you, hello, hello, hello???  And this, is just one of those MODERN-DAY inventions, that was supposed to help people get closer together, but instead, it did, the EXACT opposite!

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