Returning Back to the Family, After Getting Through the Hardships of One’s Life


Awhile ago, I was invited to an old friend’s to visit, the moment I walked in the door, the strips of red paper, written by a famous person caught my attention, it was the way the words were written, but the sentences, “The Rice & Vegetables Cooked, the Darkened Skins are Washed Clean, the Words Became Clear”, what a picture of bliss.

My friend told me, “I’d bought this some two, three decades ago, back then, how I’d hoped, to be able, to return to this sort of lifestyle, and now, my dreams finally came true.”

So, we took a trip down memory lane, my friend had become so broke, that all he had, were just $2,000N.T. left, but his wife didn’t abandon him, chose, to stand by her man, plus, a lot of his friends and relatives gave him the monetary assistance he’d needed, to help him stand back up again, to help him through his hardships each and every single time.  He’d gotten back up, again, and again, from his falls, each time, becoming stronger than the times before.  And finally, his hard work paid off, he’d gotten the fames and the fortunes, accumulated a lot of wealth now.  After the hardships of his lifetime, he’d decided, to return back to the family, to take more time, to be with them.

His elderly mother refused to leave her home and move up to Taipei, and his wife had to stay in Taipei, to help take care of their grandchild.

And so, he’d considered, that filial piety is his top priority.  So, he and his wife agreed, to allow him to fulfill his filial piety duties first, and so, two-thirds of his months were spent, in the countryside, with his mother, and the one-third time he has left, he’d live in Taipei, to be with his own family.

He had a lot of spare time in the country, he’d cooked his mother her meals, slow cooked the chicken, made soups for her, and, made his own special-formula sausages, and would buy up the organic produces, and share it with all of his friends, and, we were able to, get a share of what he’d bought.

And, the time in Taipei, other than treating his wife to something special from time to time, to go out to dine, he said, that he’d rather stay at home to eat, because his wife is an amazing cook, plus, there were great teas, amazing wines, good families, and, most importantly, his good wife.

My friend is very generous, and nostalgic, he is always grateful toward those who’d offered him the assistance in life, and so, he’d often set up banquets in his house to invite his friends over, and, would enjoy sharing his experiences, of how he’d found success in life.

The purpose of his making the money is for the sake of the happiness of his whole family, and, having enough is enough, after he’s successful, he’d returned to his family, with friend, setting a good role model, I’m more than blessed.

And so, this man did NOT forget his roots, after he is successful in life, he didn’t get side-tracked by the glories, instead, he’d returned, BACK to his family, this, is very rare, because we can all allow those fames, AND fortunes to get to our heads, and forget our humble beginnings, but NOT this person.


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