Start Practicing, Holidays Alone

This, is what you need to slowly, get yourselves used to.  Starting practicing, holidays alone, because he’s no longer around, to drive you and the kids home to see his parents, or go with you to visit your families on the holidays anymore…

Start practicing, holidays alone, this wouldn’t be easy, especially when you’d had her/him there with you, all alone, and now, all of a sudden, you’re without the company of that other person in your lives, for whatever reasons there may be.

You need to start practicing, holidays alone, instead of making those well-prepared meals for ten, just make the meals for one instead, start downsizing, as the kids no longer come back home on the holidays, they have their separate lives too you know?  Although, since your spouse passed away, your children would visit you often, but, you knew, that this, will not continue to be a “trend” for them!  So, you need to, practice the holidays alone, go out, take a trip somewhere, far, far away from home, maybe, go to that café by the sea side, and order up something hot, and, just sip it up, and watch the goings on outside the store windows, who knows, just don’t stay at home!!!


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