A Friendly Divorce

How’s that even possible???  Is it, like how when you say, “It’s over, but hey, let’s stay friends, for the kids’ sakes”?

A friendly divorce, I MY opinion, because this, is still, MY joint!!!, is nonexistent, I mean, how can you get divorced with someone whom you’d shared a lifetime with, and still be friends?  You can’t, there’s BOUND to be hard feelings, you DO realize that, don’t you?

A friendly divorce, it sounds to me, that whoever came up with this idea is looking for find a free FUCK every now and then, by staying friendly with her/his ex.  A friendly divorce, you CANNOT have it, because, there are always, HARD feelings when divorces happen, and, don’t give me that excuse of “irreconcilable differences”, because we ALL know, that that is just BULLSHIT!

A friendly divorce, you WISH, because no matter how amicably you two had parted, something MUST’VE happened, to send the two of you, spinning toward the Big D (not talkin’ ‘bout DALLAS here still!!!), so, a friendly divorce just, doesn’t exist, and, whoever comes UP with that should just, get her/his head examined…

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