With the Love from His Foster Family, a Child with Cerebral Palsy Started Speaking

With a little extra TLC here, from the Newspapers, translated…

Opening the doors to their home, to allow those young lives with nowhere else to go, to have a “home to belong with” temporarily, becoming the push in the transformation of children from broken families.  Under the caretaking of the foster parents for the Taiwanese Family and Children Fund Organization, Chen and his wife, Liu’s care and concerns, the child with cerebral palsy, “Stinky” can now manage to use limited vocabulary, compared to when he couldn’t speak a single word.

The city government of Taipei asked the World Vision Organization, and the Funds for Children and Families Org in the mid strip and southern tips to set up foster care program to look after kids in high-risk backgrounds.  Other than being placed into the system, they can get socialized in a family like group, feel the warmth from the other members, and waiting until their separate families of origin regained their functions back again, then, they will be, returned.  The limit for foster care program is usually two years, and it can be reduced or elongated, based off of the separate case’s needs.

Recalling how she’d become a family with “Stinky”, Liu said, “It’s truly affinity”.  Back then, she’d just decided to take “Stinky” in for a couple of days, but, his mother, on her way of picking him up from foster care, got into a car crash and died.  Stinky, who’s with nobody now, stayed put in their house.

The couple had worked in the steel mills in the past, and were influenced by the influx of foreign hired helpers, they loved children, and so, they’d started taking up nanny classes provided by the southern chapters of the Fund for Children and Families Organization, stayed at home, to take care of the kids.  Later on, in the urging of the social workers, they’d started fostering children.  In the ten years’ time, they’d accompanied four kids to grow, and played the role of “Daddy and Mommy Chen” to these young children.

Liu honestly disclosed, that at first, she couldn’t help but feel a little scared, a little rejecting, and fearing that it would be hard, to take care of children from problematic backgrounds.  But, she just couldn’t watch and allow them to get shoved into the systems, “So, let’s just treat it as doing a good deed then.”  Although they only received a little over $10,000N.T. as government assistance, Liu would put her foster children in talent classes such as piano lessons, tae kwon do.  And, all who met her commended her on how well the kids are being taken care of, and it’d become the primary motivation to keep fostering children.

“Everybody asks me why I’m so nice to Stinky, but, Stinky had given me even more.”  She’d smiled, in order to not “ruin” Stinky, she’d taken a TON of caretaking courses, to learn the techniques to taking care of him.  And she’d encouraged her own children, to go into the foster caring systems, to help even MORE children who needed the accompaniment, to go through the hard times in their lives.

So, this, is a couple, with a TON of love to give, and, it’s with the foster parents’ patience and love, that this little boy with epilepsy had finally gotten caught up with his developments.  It takes a TON of patience, and love too, to do this that’s for sure!


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