He Received a Wakeup Call from the Economic Downturn…Having Courage is More Blessed than Having Money

From the Front Page Sections, translated…

The founder of “The Supper Table in the Paddy Fields”, Chien originally worked as a stock broker, when the economic downturn happened, his company took a loss of twenty billion dollars, and this huge change helped him realized his dreams, and found himself as well.  Yesterday, in the “Helping Youths Find Their Way” Forums, he’d talked about the “Courage that stemmed out of the Ordinary”, believed, that “All the great dreams were achieved by ordinary people, and all that’s needed is the courage.  And, everybody has this sense of courage in her/him.”

Chien was born in the seventies.  He said, that during the time when he entered into the society, “people weren’t lost”, because their generation believed, that the primary goals were to “making ends meet, and help up the nation’s economy”.  But, the financial storms of recent years had shaken up his original beliefs of “Capitalism is the Key to Happiness”.

He’d taken a year off, lived with the nomads of Tibet for a year, and was shocked, by the “inner happiness” he bore witness to there.  “They lived in poverty, and yet, are so very satisfied with life”.  This experience had, shattered his former beliefs of “being able to achieve happiness is by getting a higher degree, earning lots of money”.

“My life, before age forty-five, is proving myself; after forty-five, is helping others out”.  The General Manager of the Rice Paddy Restaurant Group, Yen stated, that the restaurant group hoped to help ten thousand youths a year, to “pass on the love”, through the restaurant industries.

Yen’s uncle is the Not-for-Profit Organization Forum Foundation’s CEO, Chang-Shou Yen.  He’d said, that Chang-Shou Yen had set up an education forum in Taidong, to help the children in the distant regions, to have an equal opportunities of receiving equal value education, and he’d prepared for their first jobs in the metropolitan areas, “I hoped to become their first boss, to help shape their value systems.”

The Rice Paddy Group’s goal is to help the youths from less fortunate backgrounds, he said, the restaurant business should be a happy business, if the workers are happy, then, they will be able to provide happy foods, and making the customers happy too.  His end goal is similar to Chien’s, first, to bring the youths from the farms to the cities, to cultivate their earning abilities, and at the end, they can too, give back to their local communities.

And so, these, are the dreams of people, and, they are working hard, to make them come true, and, these programs are very good, because it’d offered a better chance at life for those youths growing up in the less developed areas, and the realizations that the older generations gained about their lives are passed down, in the values that they’d taught to the younger generations.


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