Cross-Teaching Our Children from Time to Time, on Education of the Younger Generations

Because sometimes, our parents just THINK they KNOW what’s best for us, without realizing, that someone else’s ways may be better, translated…

My sister and I are both stay-at-home moms at my mother’s house, other than helping one another take care of each other’s children, the adults can also, accompany the babies too.

Our daughters are not yet one and a half, about a month apart, recently, they’d started showing their separate temperaments, and would make us, the two mothers, annoyed.

My daughter who’d HATED doctors, whenever she sees persons in white robes, she’d started to get angry and start crying, and would NOT cooperate when she’s taken in for a shot, to see the doctors, let alone, taking her medicines like a good girl.  But, if I’d allowed her aunt, to administer the meds, then, the medication became like yummy treats, it’d become filled with this attraction to her.

My younger sister’s daughter was a premature baby, when she’d scolded her daughter, the daughter would often smile at her, it’d worried my sister, that she might be cognitively slow.  But, when it’s her grandmother, or me, who was scolding her, then, she’d listen to us silently, as if, contemplating every word we’re saying to her.

My younger sister is very outgoing, and, she was so very in-tune with my daughter, when my sister told stories, she’d become animated, and my daughter would always happily interacted with her aunt.  And, my younger sister’s baby and I, we’d enjoy quiet reading times together instead, the baby couldn’t understand the pictures and the words of the books, and I’d accompanied her, to flip through the pages of the picture books, help her enjoy the company of books.

When the mother and child are together a long time, friction may develop.  On the special occasions, my sister and I had the opportunities to “trade off” our kids, to teach one another’s child using our own ways, this change of tactics, and parents, is beneficial to both the mothers and the babies.

And so, this, is a great way, to get your babies socialized with different types of teaching style, because your child may not be apt to the way you’re teaching, while your siblings’ children may be more receptive, and, your child may become receptive to your sibling’s way of instruction, so, it’s nice, to “trade off” from time to time.


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