A Thirteen-Year-Old Talented Pitcher Was Called Bad Names on Twitter, , She’d Asked for the Forgiveness for Those Who Re-Twitted

On forgiveness, translated…

A thirteen-year-old female pitcher, Mo’ne Davis, was the very first female pitcher in the junior World Series, to win the game, and to have pitched a perfect game, she’d not only forgiven the male college student who’d called her a “bitch” on Twitter, she’d also asked the school to allow him back onto the team.

Davis, who was from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, last year, had an amazing run at the Junior World Series, she’d pitched a fast ball of seventy miles per hour, and quickly struck out all of her opponents, became the very FIRST youth who’d made the covers of Sports Illustrated.  She said, that baseball was only the third sport after basketball and football, that she was good at.  The Disney Channel had even planned to turn her story into a film.

The Bloomsburg baseball team member, Cassellberry, on March 20, wrote on Twitter, “It’s a JOKE that Disney is going to make a movie for Davis.  That bitch LOST big in the Nevada game.”

The very next day, the team had FIRED Cassellberry based off of his not complying with the rules of team’s social networking rules.  But, Davis had wrote an e-mail with her coach, mailed it to the Bloomsburg Dean, asked him to allow Cassellberry back on the team.

Davis wrote, “I admit, that upon reading Cassellberry’s tweets about me I was deeply hurt, but, I also felt awful for him getting fired by the team.  A lot of people know, that I dream of playing college basketball, and maybe, I can become a professional player too.  I know, that in order to achieve this dream, I needed to work really hard, if this dream had shattered for me, how heartbroken I would be.  Cassellberry must’ve worked really hard, to get to the university’s team, and he must’ve dreamed about playing professional baseball too, so, I want to beg you, to allow him back into the team, so he could keep on, pursuing his dreams.  He’d made a dumb mistake, I’m certain, that if he was given another chance, he will change.  We’d all made mistakes and needed forgiveness.  I hope you’ll allow him to have another chance, so he can keep playing ball.”

The news website of Philadelphia, Philly.com reported, that Cassellberry deleted his Twitter account on March 21, and, before he deleted his account on Twitter, he’d posted an article of apology, “A stupid posting will ruin someone’s life, I’m really sorry for my behaviors last night, please, please forgive me, and do understand, that I really don’t discriminate against women at all, I’m a SUPER fan of Davis’s, she’d inspired me.”

But, the Bloomsburg University still didn’t allow Cassellberry to return to the team.  The university’s spokesperson said, “the request of Davis clearly showed her maturity, and the sense of empathy that her families, as well as her coach had instill in her,” but the school still insisted on expelling Cassellberry.

So this still just shows, before you go and SHOOT off your mouth, you need to THINK, and this man may have been feeling awful for losing a game, to a FEMALE pitcher, that, was why he’d made those derogatory remarks, and, even though this young woman had forgiven him, but, the world still remembers the awful things he’d said about her, that just shows how you should NOT SPEAK, in the heat of the moment!


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