Nothing Good about Goodbye

Goodbye, it’s such, a weird word, as, there IS NO good in goodbye, I mean, think about it, with EVERY goodbye, you’d gotten your hearts, broken, and, what’s so good ‘bout it?  Unless, you enjoy, TORTURING yourselves…

Nothing good about goodbye, because goodbye has such an awful impact on people’s lives, and, we do whatever we possibly can, to try, to avoid the instances that we may need to, or even, BE forced to, say this word to someone else, and, ourselves from, hearing it too.

Nothing good about goodbye, but, sometimes, goodbye is a must, as each and every love came to a DEAD halt, and, it’s NOT advancing anymore, and, if something is not going someplace, then, it might well be, stagnant, right?

Nothing good about goodbye, and yet, people keep on saying to one another, “goodbye”, and that, is just, really confusing, because, are they saying “good” bye, to LIE to themselves, that this, is an amicable break up, or, are they simply, doing it, for “show”???



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Filed under Because of Love, Cost of Living, Expectations, Loneliness/Solitude, Loss, Perspectives, Properties of Life

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