A Penny Saved in Love as the Basis of the Marriage

A story on marriage, translated…

As I’d gone home to the southern strips, I was picking out the vegetables by the door, I saw my mother-in-law washed a plastic bag, then, hung it upside down on the stick of the mop, to let it drip dry.

I thought, this, is the saving attitude of the older generations, they couldn’t even throw away a dirty plastic bag, no wonder every time we’re due back in Taipei, my mother-in-law could pull out a TON of plastic bags like magic, and fill them up with the homegrown vegetables from her own garden.

Actually, this, isn’t weird at all, every time I’d bought items from the bakery, the clerk would always place the buns inside smaller bags, then, put the wrapped up buns inside a plastic bag.  After the buns are finished, I’d saved all those bags, and the next time I’d bought meats from the marketplaces, I’d separated them into portions, placed them inside these smaller plastic bags, then, put them into the freezer.  Both my mother-in-law and I held the same values in saving our foods.

When I was washing up the vegetables, I’d noticed that there was a CRACK in my mother-in-law’s wash basin, which was glued back together with super glue, then, used again and again.  I was all too familiar with that crack, that was the wash basin that was broken over ten years ago, that my father managed to glue back together, and reused.  This cheap wash basin, was being used, in my mother’s as well as my mother-in-law’s households.

Some had said, what kind of person will end up with those like her/him”, and so, although my husband and I were raised in different families, but, we’d both held the attitude of cherishing everything we owned, to not waste anything, that, was why we’re so well matched up.

Who says, that when things break, you must replace with new ones, if it can be fixed, then, it shall be used over, and over again; who says, that after something gets dirty, it shall get thrown out, washing it off, it’s, clean as new again.

So this, is how values are passed down from one generation to the next, by observation, and by watching how the older generations cherished what they had, this next generation of people will also, pick up the values.

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