When the Dogs Found Their Homes


This, is the story of three dogs.

Six is a dog that’s stayed in the shelters for six years, the coat was primary black, with tiger stripes mixed into him, and the white hair around his nozzles stated how he’s no longer young anymore.  He was abandoned by his owner, don’t know how, but he’d miraculously escape the fate of euthanasia, but, the color of his fur was so messy, that he didn’t gain the popularities of those who wanted to adopt, and so, Six just, sat in the big kennels, leaning against the wire door frames of the cages.  He isn’t timid like those newcomers, nor does he go out of his way, to entertain those who visited the shelter, perhaps, he’d once expected, and was once, very unsettled too, but, these sort of days had gone on endlessly, he’d really not known what he was waiting for anymore.

Six saw other dogs come and go, fight for food and play games, he didn’t know, that some of the dogs have the chance to sleep on their owners’ soft beds, don’t know that there were dogs, running free, and digging up the yards, the shelter would from time to time, let the dogs out, and this became, his entertainment these couple of years.  Finally, one day, Six was placed on the euthanize” list, the volunteer who felt sad put Six’s story online, and that article was posted and reposted, and transferred amongst 364 individuals.

Huei-Jing also read this article, she’d thought, for an entire night, and, right on the day before Six was about to get euthanized, she’d picked Six up.  She’d moved, from the small suite in the city, to a small house in the suburbs, to allow Six to live with her two other dogs.  And now, Six is nine years old, and his second life is amazing.

Before Eggyolk became Eggyolk, he’d tramped in front of a super convenience store for two, three weeks, he’s not a professional stray, so, he’d waited, dumbfounded, at the busy street corners.  He was way too malnourished, and it’d gotten Sophie’s attention, and, Sophie bought an egg stewed with tea leaves for him, but the store clerk told her that the dog couldn’t stay outside the shops.

Later on, Eggyolk’s leg was injured, he was more timid than he ever was, without any appetite too, he’d insisted to stay on the streets, could he be waiting, for the owner who’d left him?  Sophie couldn’t sleep, wanted to take Eggyolk away, but fearing that he wouldn’t go with her, worried that he might bite people because of how nervous he became, fearing that getting his legs fixed would run up her bills………but, all these worries, couldn’t beat how when Sophie broke the egg up in front of him, how Eggyolk waited so patiently, that, was a dog, waiting to be fed by his owner.

That day, she’d bought another hard broiled egg, with her friend, Sonya, feeding Eggyolk and carrying on in conversation, she’d quietly taken out a collar, tried to place it around his neck, twice, and, it’d worked.

Sophie asked Eggyolk, that his owner won’t come back for him, that his foot was injured, could he come with her?  Eggyolk whined a couple of times, made the decision for himself.  And now, Eggyolk is living with Sonya, slowly, gained weight, he’s no longer unsettled, there are now, two dogs at Sonya’s house, but, it’s okay, they don’t really care about those rituals.

Black is a dog that showed up by the side of the six-lane road, he feared people, would wander, not knowing where he can find shelters for the rain, Dzi-Ting found him, and would go to feed even daily, saw how he was chased by other dogs, she’d gone home, crying.

Later on, Dzi-Ting and two other people who don’t know one another, managed to get Black to come.  Black was in his final stage of cancer, his tumor had grown from his upper jaw into his brains, his eyes are nearly blind because of the pressures from the tumors, there weren’t that many teeth left, his back paw seemed to have gotten severed by the animal traps………during those days, don’t know how Black is able to survive.  When he was in the hospital for treatment, he had two square meals, and could have the meds, to help ease the discomforts of his body, as he slept, he’d snored so very loudly, it’s been too long since he was able to rest easily.  The fourth day after he was taken to the veterinary hospital, Black chose, to sleep, for a very, very, very long time, he never woke up again.

These, are three small stories of three fragile lives, the hardships they’d endured were from the evils of man, but, it was also because of the kindness of man, they could still have some happiness in their lives.  Let’s not ignore these lives, the dogs have a short life, so, do not abandon, do not attack them, they get ill, get caught, DO just try to be kind, a can, a bowl of water, a chance to be treated by the veterinarians, a home, we can be in control, of how a life is to end, happily, or miserably.

Such touching stories, isn’t it?  And this is to advocate, NOT abandoning your own pets, if you got them, DO love them, and take good care of them, don’t let them be without a home, after all, even though they can’t speak (woof!), they still have feelings, so, treat them nicely, plus, wouldn’t you WANT someone to take you home, if you were left out on the streets too???  Have some EMPATHY here!!!



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2 responses to “When the Dogs Found Their Homes

  1. True.. reminded me of a kind street dog whom i first met when i was in second grade …His name was caesar .He was a well behaved dog and always barked when strangers walked our street at night . He was there for everyone in the neighbourhood .But no one stood up for him and he was put to sleep by the municipal people… just because he was on the streets.

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